Amanda Holden left smeared in lipstick after daughter Lexi, 14, takes over her make-up tutorial


AMANDA Holden has left fans in hysterics with a hilarious make-up tutorial featuring her teenage daughter.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge , 49, can be seen smeared in red lipstick before it’s revealed Lexi, 14, is hidden behind her and blindly applying products to her mum’s face.

Amanda is seen smeared in red lipstick

Doing her best to hold back giggles, Amanda talks through the process, which starts off by Lexi applying thick foundation.

She said: “I have a big forehead so sometimes to make it look smaller, it’s good to apply lots of thick foundation to give it some kind of shrink value”.

Lexi then moves to blusher, which she applies to Amanda’s hair.

“I like to put it in my hair to cover up any greys,” the star laughs.

At the end of the video fans discover Lexi has been blindly applying products to Amanda’s face

Amanda covers up her grey hairs with blusher

She also shares her hilarious eyeshadow technique

Amanda goes on to explain her eyeshadow technique as Lexi applies the colours above her eyebrows.

“It’s how we achieve some of the looks on Britain’s Got Talent,” says Amanda. “It looks a bit like bruising but when the lights shine down, it gives an amazing appearance”.

She finishes off her look with some red lipstick – and Lexi doesn’t hold back.

As her daughter smears lipstick all over her face, Amanda says: “I’m a massive fan of Picasso the artist, and I like the abstract touch!”

The video went down a storm with Amanda’s fans

The video has gone down a storm with fans, as well as Amanda’s celeb pals.

One follower wrote: “Oh my god! I’ve not laughed so much in ages!”

Meanwhile, Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan wrote: “I needed this. Thanks!”

And Amanda’s BGT co-star Alesha Dixon commented: “You’re a nutter!”

Amanda has been sharing plenty of snaps during lockdown

She’s enjoying spending some quality time with her two daughters

The star is keeping fans entertained

Amanda has been giving her followers a glimpse into her lockdown life and admitted she’s actually enjoying it.

She is isolating at home with husband Chris Hughes and their two daughters, Lexi and Hollie, during the global coronavirus pandemic.

The star, who is still working as a presenter on Heart FM, told Woman’s Own magazine: “It’s a difficult and worrying time for a lot of families, especially on the work front.

“In all honesty, I’m quite enjoying spending time with my family. It’s making me take a step back and appreciate everything.”

Amanda is isolating at home with her family

“I’ve never taken anything for granted, but love the fact it’s just the four of us in one house. Our house is always so busy and full of other people.”

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