Ant and Dec joke they look ‘well fit’ as girls in make-up and headscarves in funny viral video


ANT McPartlin and Declan Donnelly transformed themselves into women in a funny viral vid, joking that they look “well fit”.

The Saturday Night Takeaway hosts, both 44, were poking fun at the trend whereby celebrities show people how they’d look as girls thanks to the Faceapp.

Ant and Dec showed fans what they would look like as women in a viral vid

Dec opens the clip, saying: “Hey, have you seen that app that everyone is banging on about? The one that lets you see what you’d look like as a member of the opposite sex?”

The video, which has been viewers 230,000 times, then cut to Ant who replied: “Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.”

Dec tells him: “Well, I’ve done it on us two. It’s uncanny. Do you want to see it?”

Ant answers immediately: “I would like to see it.”

Declan Donnelly tells his pal he’s given them a gender swap on an app

Ant McPartlin seems surprisingly pleased with the results

Ant and Dec were reunited on the golf course last week

Pleased with the results, Dec insist: “We look well fit.”

Ant and Dec have been regularly posting short videos from their homes during lockdown with everything from comedy workouts to a badminton match.

In May, Ant made Dec disappear in a viral video the pair recorded in their respective gardens.

The pair were finally reunited last week, posting a picture of them playing golf together from the regulation two metres away, writing: “Nice tee see you.”

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