Ant and Dec reveal sneak peek of the I’m A Celebrity set at Gwrych Castle ahead of the show’s launch


ANT and Dec has given fans a sneak peek of the eerie I’m A Celebrity set at Gwrych Castle ahead of the show’s big launch.

This gloomy and damp ruins will be the home for 12 campmates over the next three weeks.

Ant and Dec has given fans a sneak peek of their I’m A Celebrity hosting room

The comedy duo gave fans a glimpse at their hosting room ahead of the series airing tomorrow night.

The presenters took to Instagram to tease fans of the what to expect from the 19th century building.

In the hilarious clip, Ant, 44, is desperate to give fans of the show an “exclusive access” on set while Dec, 45, insists it all has to be “censored”.

Ant kicks off the tour by telling fans to join him for exclusive access as he walked through a large wooden door into the previously unseen presenting room.

Ant was impressed with a ‘genuine armour suit’

He said: “There you are, come on in for exclusive access to our set and the castle, I’ll talk you through it all.”

The comedy skit sees Dec interrupt: “Actually No you can’t see this! This is censored. Sorry about this.”

Ant showed off the large medieval-style room complete with a silver finish knight in armour statue and crests on the brick walls.

The pair are seen standing at a large wooden table where they’ll be hosting the show from every night.

The comedy pair will be hosting every night from this medieval room

Ant was thrilled to show fans a glimpse of the views from an arched window

The table is hilariously blurred out, leaving Ant trying to show fans other parts of the room.

Ant then shows off a “genuine armour suit” but Dec jumps in and says it’s another “top secret” element that cannot be seen before the show airs this weekend.

Ant continues to show fans around the old-fashioned room ignoring his co-hosts objections and shows off the magnificent views outside a large arched window, overlooking the rest of the Castle.

Ant says: “What we can show you is right behind me here is the castle!”

Dec joked that ‘everything had been censored’ until the show’s launch

Dec immediately interrupted saying: “No you can’t see the castle just as yet because that is also censored until the show goes on air so if you could please censor the castle, blur that out or something.”

When Ant asks his best pal “what can we show them?”

Dec hilariously replies: “We can’t actually show you anything. In fact, you shouldn’t be looking at us, we’re also censored!”

The telly favourites shared the video on social media, writing: “CENSORED CONTENT ⚠ Please do not watch. 

The comedy duo will be back on our screens from Sunday evening

“Especially the bit where we show you the ___ and ____’s in the ___________ – which they’ve done an excellent job on this year, wouldn’t you agree? @imacelebrity.”

ITV bosses took the drastic decision to swap the usual jungle in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, for the 19th century building, in North Wales, because of Covid-19.

Their time will be spent between four main areas – the washroom, boiler room, and living and sleeping quarters.

The living area has a giant fire pit in the middle of it, where they will try to stay warm and also cook meals if they manage to get stars in the show’s trials.

Ant showed off the stunning views of the castle

It features logs around the fire to sit on, as well as a giant wooden door where Ant and Dec will appear to announce who is taking part in trials, or going home. 

The giant doors lead to a long, intimidating staircase into the depths of the castle – including the dungeon and the crypt – where some of this year’s top secret trials will be held.

By the fire, there is also the familiar red telephone box, just like in Australia, where the celebs will receive calls to take part in what was the Dingo Dollar Challenge hosted by Kiosk Kev.

As we revealed earlier this week, it will now be called the Castle Coin Challenge – fronted by his “long lost Welsh cousin” Kiosk Cledwyn. 

The contestants will spend the next three weeks at Gwrych Castle

The shower, which replaces the jungle waterfall known for its iconic bikini shots, is powered by a pump meaning everyone will have to wash in pairs.

The washroom, built in one of the many crumbling ruined parts of the historic building, also has a small wash basin that also requires a campmate to pump to get running water.

The show’s producer Tom Gould told HOAR: “There is a bit of a privacy screen, more than you’d get in the jungle.

12 campmates will be heading into the creepy Gwrych castle

“Showering is a two man job in the castle. You need a campmate to pump the shower. And you need another one keeping the boiler going or it’ll be very swift.

“As long as they keep the boiler going they’ll have a steady stream of water. They’ll have a basin too to wash their faces. And you need a mate to help with that too.”

Tom added: “It’s very arduous. They’ll have to split the logs for both the campfire and also the boiler.

“The boiler has to be kept fed with logs, they then have to pump to prime the boiler to get it up to the right pressure – to get lukewarm water.

“They have to do that in order to get any sort of warm water. They’ll have to pump for about half an hour to get it up.

“This will be a major part of their chores to keep this running. And if they don’t, they’ll have no warm water.”