BGT judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, Ashley Banjo and David Walliams will all perform during the Christmas special


BRITAIN’S Got Talent’s highly anticipated Christmas special is set to be an all-singing, all-dancing festive bonanza with the judges as stars of the show and the return of Diversity.

We can exclusively reveal that for the first time in the ITV hit’s 14-year history, the panel’s Ashley Banjo, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams will all perform.

For the first time ever, each one of the BGT judging panel will give their own performance

Dancer Ashley, filling in for injured Simon Cowell, will perform with Diversity. This will be the dance act’s first TV appearance since their Black Lives Matter routine in September, which sparked 24,500 complaints later rejected by Ofcom.

Alesha and Amanda are set to sing while comedian and author David is keeping his cards close to his chest about his contribution. A source said: “It’s been a chaotic year and show bosses wanted to treat audiences to something extra-special.

“It has never been done before and with Simon still recovering from his back injuries, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the judges singing, dancing and telling jokes for their suppers.

“Luckily, there won’t be anyone behind the panel to feed back on their performances.”

Ashley performed a Black Lives Matter routine in September with his dance troupe diversity

Alesha will hit the stage to perform on the BGT Christmas special

The festive special will also feature turns from 2018 acts magician Marc Spelmann and runner-up comic Robert White and 2012 champion Ashleigh Butler and her new dog Sully — the replacement for legendary BGT-winning dog Pudsey, who sadly passed away in 2017.

Filming was initially postponed due to lockdown but sources say that bosses are now ploughing ahead with the Christmas special because it comes under the work exemption for Covid restrictions.

The source added: “It’s going to be one big celebration without any voting or crowning of the winner, so everyone should be able to enjoy it.

“We will see the judges as we’ve never seen them before and it should give them a new-found appreciation of what the contestants go through.”

We’re just gutted we won’t get to see Simon Cowell’s party trick . . . 

The Christmas special is possible because it comes under the work exemption for Covid restrictions

A little sloshed

LITTLE Mix haven’t let nightclub closures dampen their spirits ­ – they brought the party to the studio while recording album Confetti.

Jade Thirlwall has revealed how hits from their new record, including Break Up Song and Holiday, were recorded after the girls were enjoying a tipple.

Little Mix have revealed they were tipsy when recording some of their new songs

She said: “One of my favourite memories of making Confetti was right in the beginning of the process. We were in the studio with Kamille (their songwriter) who’s basically our fifth member.

“We’d had quite a bit to drink. It was basically a night out but in the studio. We got a bit merry and we churned out so many songs in one day.

“That’s when Break Up Song was born and Holiday and a few other songs which didn’t make the cut.”

The band finished the first series of their talent show Little: Mix The Search for BBC1 last week and are now looking to start their own record label.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock said: “After working with all these amazing bands on The Search, it’s something we can look into.”

Little Mix are now looking to start their own record label

Vinnie’s a barrel of laughs

HARDMAN Vinnie Jones wants to try his hand at comedy.

The footballer-turned-actor, who made his name in Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, fancies himself as a funnyman.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ Vinnie Jones wants to try his hand at comedy

Vinnie has teamed up with Brut to launch its Christmas range

He said: “I want to bring an old classic TV series back and modernise it. If I could throw a mixture in the pot it would be Only Fools And Horses meets Minder, The Avengers and The Professionals.”

Vinnie, who has teamed up with Brut to launch its Christmas range also boasts about having soft skin thanks to old team- mate John Fashanu.

Vinnie said: “He encouraged me to moisturise and said, ‘You’ll thank me in years to come, Jonesy’. Some of my mates do look 20 years older than me.”

We’ll take your word for it, Vin. 

Jamie’s normal pal Paul

IRISH hunk Jamie Dornan has become best mates with Paul Mescal after bonding over their heartthrob status.

The Fifty Shades star contacted Paul after watching him in the BBC’s Normal People and gave him the heads up about the public attention he will get, insisting: “He’ll get a shock when the pubs open.”

Jamie Dornan has become best mates with Paul Mescal

Jamie said: “One of my good mates is good pals with Paul so I said, ‘Ask him if it’s OK for me to get in touch’. So he did and now we’re mates.

“You know how sometimes you watch someone and you’re just compelled?

“I think we should do that more in my game. Everyone is so accessible. I’ve never had a situation yet where I’ve been moved by someone’s performance or a director on something that I haven’t been able to get in touch with them.”

I bet Paul’s hordes of adoring fans wish he was so accessible …

Jamie got in touch with Paul after seeing him on Normal People

Maya’s scored 

SHE’S the telly presenter of the moment, but Maya Jama almost ended up as a sports host.

She said: “I started off presenting sports and was in Brazil for two months doing the World Cup in 2014, it was mad. I could’ve been on Sky Sports if I didn’t chat so much s**t.”

Maya almost ended up as a sports host before becoming a telly presenter

Maya, who was last seen co-hosting BBC One’s Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer, knows what she wants to do next.

She said: “I would like my own show soon, where I can really be myself.”

Currently single after splitting from rapper Stormzy, Maya is in no rush to have kids yet.

She told the Eddie Hearn: No Passion, No Point podcast: “I always imagine myself being the rich auntie and letting my brother have all the kids.”

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