BGT’s Nabil Abdulrashid mocks the 3,000 viewers who complained as Ofcom REJECTS their complaints about his race jokes


BRITAIN’S Got Talent comic Nabil Abdulrashid has mocked the 3,000 viewers who complained to Ofcom about his stand-up routines.

Close to 1,000 people were unhappy with his semi-final performance while a further 2,200 fumed over his final routine; both of which were made up of race-related gags.

Britain’s Got Talent’s Nabil Adulrashid won’t face an Ofcom investigation

Today the 35-year-old learned the broadcast regulator has rejected the complaints and won’t be investigating any further.

Freedom of expression played a big factor in its decision, and Nabil could not have been happier.


He reacted by mocking those who complained

Followers rallied around him with supportive comments, and some couldn’t help but take the mick out of the criticism too.

One joked: “The ‘I’m not racist but’ crew will be fuming.”

Another encouraged: “Keep on doing what you are doing.”

The Londoner didn’t shy away from his critics on the BGT stage, instead he goaded them in the final.

Nabil sparked 3,000 complaints

He also spoke about police brutality and joked that Winston Churchill was black.

Taking aim at his detractors, he said: “They complained because we said black lives matter – thousands of complaints. To be honest I’m shocked that many of them know how to write.

“They sent in thousands of angry letters. Hopefully if I annoy them today they can progress onto words.

“They even wrote complaints about me – that’s what upsets me. What did I say to offend anybody?

Nabil’s performance got a standing ovation from the judges’ table

He joked that Winston Churchill was black in his BGT final comedy set

“You’d think I came out here and said something really inflammatory… like Winston Churchill was black.

“By the way, he was. I can prove it. When was the last time you met a white man called Winston?

“I’ve got proof Winston Churchill was black. What colour is his statue? Eh? You think he just tanned over the years?”

He also joked about the row over Diversity’s controversial Black Lives Matter dance, saying: “I would have sent an email to everyone who complained.

“It would just say: ‘We understand you viewers are offended – but all viewers matter. Let’s see how they like it then.”

And concluded: “If I win it won’t be be because I’m black, it’s because I’ve worked hard. And also if I win it will be the end of white people winning Britain’s Got Talent.

“Cos you know what they say – once you go black there’s no coming back. But once you try Nigeria no-one can meet the criteria.”

The routine failed to win him the prize, with comedy singer Jon Courtenay winning by a landslide.

An emotional John Courtenay ended up taking the BGT crown

Nabil’s jokes in the final got a rousing reaction from the judges with Ashley Banjo – whose Black Lives Matter dance routine came under fire earlier in the contest – particularly impressed.

Addressing the tens of thousands of complaints Diversity’s performance received, the judge joked: “I know what it’s like to get a few complaints.

“There are two ways you can react, you can bend to pressure or you can be unapologetically yourself.”

This series of Britain’s Got Talent has been the most complained-about show in a decade, with just shy of 30,000 objections to Ofcom.

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