Britain’s Got Talent fans expose how Jasper Cherry pulled off impressive magic trick on Ashley Banjo


BRITAIN’S Got Talent fans have claimed to work out how Jasper Cherry pulled off his impressive magic trick in tonight’s semi-final.

The judges were left in awe when the youngster made a card David Walliams pulled from a pack appear in a video on Ashley Banjo’s phone that he’d filmed earlier in the set.

Ashley was stunned to find the card in his pocket

Ashley was also blown away when he pulled the same card out of his blazer pocket – but viewers have claimed to know exactly how he did it.

During his act, Jasper asked to take the judge’s phone so that he could film a video from the stage of the four judges.

He then magically produced a deck of cards from thin air and asked comic David to choose one, which was the five of diamonds.

While the confused judges questioned where the card had gone, Jasper played the video that was filmed before the card had been selected – showing the five of diamonds projected onto the back of the studio in the clip – and around Ashley’s neck instead of his backstage pass.

Jasper filmed the judges at the start of his set

Jasper then asked Ashley to check the pocket of his jacket, and the dancer was stunned to find the card in there.

Taking to Twitter, fans pointed out that Jasper shuffled the cards in his hands after showing the camera a selection of different ones – insisting that he fixed the the five of diamonds being selected.

They then argued that simple technology could easily superimpose any image into a video while filming – especially if Jasper knew well in advance what the selected card would be.

Fans claimed he fixed the five of diamonds
The chosen card magically appeared in the pre-recorded video

While most still struggled to work out how the card made its way into Ashley’s pocket, others claimed the performer had a helping hand from the show’s producers and that it was planted there before the show kicked off.

One fan wrote: “He never showed the cards so they were all the 5 of diamonds, that’s how he did video and neck pass, but i haven’t got a clue about the card in Ashley’s pocket.”

Another added: “The 5D was forced using a riffle force, the video was just augmented reality possible as he knew the card in advance.”

Viewers insisted it was a simple super-imposed job done while filming

A third said: “Bet this guy gets a card out of Ashley’s jacket at the end that producers planted!”

Jasper wasn’t the only part of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent that got fans talking this evening, with viewers also questioning whether judge Amanda Holden had suffered a wardrobe malfunction in her plunging dress.

Unfortunate lighting and shadows left some convinced that they’d seen her nipples, flocking to social media to share their shock.

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