Simon Cowell is in ‘a lot of pain’ after operation on broken back as pal reveals girlfriend Lauren is in ‘total shock’


SIMON Cowell is in “a lot of pain” after a six-hour operation on his broken back – as a pal reveals his girlfriend Lauren Silverman is in “total shock” over the accident.

The Britain’s Got Talent star, 60, was riding a £6,000 electric bike when he fell off after admitting he failed to read the manual.

Simon Cowell, pictured on a different bike, was trying out a new electric two-wheeler capable of doing 60mph

Simon’s son Eric, six, and his partner Lauren’s teenage lad Adam watched in horror as he fell backwards and smashed down onto a concrete floor at his Los Angeles home.

Speaking on Dan Wootton’s talkRADIO Drivetime show, Lizzie Cundy said: “I have heard from Lauren, she texted me yesterday. It’s absolutely devastating news.

“She’s in total shock. Her son Eric and his brother Adam witnessed Simon fall back on the concrete off the electric bike.

“Simon’s very lucky. This could have been a lot worse. He’s in a lot of pain. But doctors say it could have been a very different story. He could be in a wheelchair.

Lizzie Cundy updated fans on Simon’s condition

“Simon Cowell is a very lucky man that he will be ok.

“He’s not great with pain, I’ve seen him even just with a cold…”

Lizzie added: “Lauren’s a mess and shocked about the whole thing. She waited outside in the car while he was in his operation.

“He’s very lucky to get through this. He wants to get back to work on Monday but he’s got a lot of swelling and bruising, we’ve just got to wait and see.”

Breaking his silence last night, Simon tweeted from his hospital bed to admit he hadn’t read the manual about the bike which is far more powerful than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill two-wheeler.

Simon broke his back in the shock accident

In fact, the CAB Recon bike is said to be “the most powerful electric bicycle on the planet” and can reach 50mph in five seconds – with a top speed of 60mph.

The 60-year-old needed six hours of surgery and missed injuring his spinal cord by a centimetre.

He now faces a long stay in hospital — scuppering his plans to star in the live launch of the new America’s Got Talent series.