Simon Cowell proudly shares sweet Father’s Day letter from son Eric, 6, calling it his ‘favourite thing ever’


SIMON Cowell has proudly shared a sweet Father’s Day letter that he received from his six-year-old son Eric, calling it the favourite thing he’s ever received.

The 60-year-old star is largely inactive on social media, meaning that fans don’t often get an insight into his personal life, but the mogul opened up in a new interview – which he went on to share to his Instagram page.

Simon read out the sweet note in an interview

Simon read out Eric’s note about wanting to follow in his famous dad’s footsteps during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show alongside his America’s Got Talent co-stars last night.

The X Factor boss was asked to show off an item that makes him proud, to which he initially joked: “Well, I would normally hold up a bottle of Corona beer, but it’s the most inappropriate beer.”

He then turned serious as he unveiled the actual item that he is the most proud of, holding up the homemade card as he told Kelly: “This was given to me on Father’s Day and I’m going to read this to you because it was touching.

“This is from Eric, my six-year-old boy, to me: ‘I like to waddle, you like to waddle. I like fish, and you like fish. You like to swim, and I like to swim.

He called the homemade card his ‘favourite thing’
Although Simon admitted he didn’t know where the ‘webbed feet’ comment came from
Eric said he wants to ‘stand tall’ like his famous dad

“‘I like to walk in your footsteps standing tall like you. You have webbed feet, and I have webbed feet… and I will always love you, Eric.’”

After reading out the adorable note, Simon admitted: “I don’t know where the webbed feet part came into this, but it’s my favourite thing I’ve ever had.”

Simon shares Eric with 42-year-old girlfriend Lauren Silverman, and he admitted that they have been enjoying quality time together as a family in recent months – including camping in their back garden.

Kelly couldn’t hide her reaction to the adorable note
Simon shares Eric with girlfriend Lauren

Addressing lockdown, he explained: “I was concerned how [Eric] was going to cope with all of this. He has been absolutely amazing…

“He is still able to do schoolwork, and now we are camping on the weekends in the garden.”

However, Lauren turned out to be less keen to sleep in a tent, with the star adding: “Lauren, the first time, 11 o’clock said: ‘I can’t deal with this’ and I said: ‘No, we are staying outside.’”