Sinitta makes bizarre claim ‘germaphobe’ Simon Cowell wears ‘inflatable suit’ to fly


SIMON Cowell’s pal Sinitta has made a bizarre claim that he wears an “inflatable suit” to fly.

The so-called germaphobe, 60, is said to wear the inflatable outfit on planes to protect himself.

Simon Cowell’s pal says he wears inflatable suits on planes

Singer Sinitta, 56, told the Daily Star: “Simon is a germaphobe. We take our packet of wet wipes and we wipe down the plane when we fly.

“We wear pyjamas. And I got us our own flying suits, which are inflatable. They are actual outfits that we wear on the plane, which are like shellsuits.”

The suits have inbuilt pillows and masks for their eyes and covers hands so Sinitta and Simon don’t have to come into contact with anything.
Sinitta says the long-term friends don’t care how “crazy” they look in their inflatable suits, because they “just want to protect ourselves”.

Sinitta and Simon wanted to protect themselves on flights

She bought the unusual attire before the coronavirus pandemic exploded across the world.

A representative for Simon told HOAR Online Sinitta’s claim is “complete rubbish” and she hasn’t flown with him for two years.

Simon has previously spoken out about his fear of germs in an interview with Dan Wootton on his talkRADIO drive time show.

Admitting he wasn’t taking any risks over coronavirus, Simon said: “I am terrified about it. I have worn masks for ages.

“When I cycle around town I wear a mask.”

HOAR Online exclusively revealed Simon was tested for coronavirus after his America’s Got Talent co-star Heidi Klum showed symptoms.

Simon has had to postpone the live BGT shows amid the coronavirus crisis

The music mogul and the rest of the TV crew were checked out by medics when Heidi fell ill.

The show had to halt filming over the coronavirus outbreak, but Simon was optimistic about bringing it back in anyway he could.

Looking fighting fit, Simon said: “All going well, because we’ve already filmed a lot it’s in the can. I want to get it out as quickly as possible while everyone is at home because they’ve got nothing to watch.

“I don’t want to sit on all this material, it would be crazy.

“I everything goes ok, should be coming back at the end of July.

“The auditions have started in the UK and then in the US last week in May.’’

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