Who is Lauren Silverman, is she married to Simon Cowell and how many children does she have?


LAUREN Silverman is Simon Cowell’s girlfriend and the mother of his first child Eric.

But just who is the American beauty? Here is everything you need to know…

Lauren Silverman is Simon Cowell’s partner and the mother of his only child, Eric

Who is Lauren Silverman and when did she meet Simon Cowell?

The 42-year-old is a New York socialite.

She shot to global fame in 2013 when details broke of her affair with Simon Cowell, while she was married to one of his good friends – the couple subsequently had a child, Eric, and remain together.

Lauren was introduced to Simon by her then-husband, Andrew Silverman, in Barbados in 2006, and following the initial meeting, the married couple often holidayed together with Simon.

Real estate mogul Andrew filed for divorce from Lauren when her pregnancy with Simon’s child was revealed – Simon was mentioned in the divorce papers, which were submitted on the grounds of adultery.

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Simon and Lauren have a son together, Eric

How many children does Lauren Silverman have?

Lauren and Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, was born on Valentine’s Day in 2014.

She also has an older son, Adam, from her marriage to Andrew Silverman.

After their divorce, Adam stayed with his dad in Manhattan so he could continue at his same private school, but Lauren and Andrew have joint custody.

Simon and Lauren have a residence in New York City, and she visits her eldest son every other week.

Cowell hasn’t ruled out adding to the brood, but says it isn’t entirely in his hands.

He reportedly said: “Would I like more babies? I don’t make that decision. As you know, these things happen.”


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