Celebs Go Dating: Lottie Moss' Mom Steals the Show in Shock Finale


The Finale Drama

Celebs Go Dating fans were left in stitches as Lottie Moss' mom, Inger, took aim at Adam Collard in the show's shock finale. Viewers called her the star of the show as she “burned holes” in the model's man.

The Love Story

Lottie and Adam had a rollercoaster relationship throughout the series, dating other people as per the show's requirements. However, during the final episode, they declared their feelings for each other.

Mom Takes Charge

Prior to their reconciliation, Lottie had a heart-to-heart with her parents, Peter and Inger. Inger made it clear that she needed to have a conversation with Adam and refused a hug when he approached.

Grilling Adam

During her conversation with Adam, Inger did not hold back. She asked him what was really going on with Lottie and delivered a series of cutting comments. Fans loved her straightforwardness and praised her input.

Lottie Opens Up

After filming ended, Lottie discussed her relationship with co-star Chloe Burrows on Chloe vs The World. She admitted that Adam was not her type, but they had a special connection that she couldn’t deny.

The Moss Family

Lottie is the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, as they share the same dad. Lottie grew up in West Sussex, where her parents own a unique department store called the 17th-century Toll House shop in Lindfield.

The Gala Moment

Both Lottie and Adam arrived at the final gala single but willing to give their relationship a chance. Viewers were captivated by their connection from the very first episode.

The Future

Lottie expressed her willingness to see where things go with Adam, despite their unconventional start. Fans are eager to see if their relationship will continue to blossom.