Celebs Go Datings Malique disgusts fans by licking his lips while fantasising about girls toes

Malique licked his lips as he admired the two girls’ feet

CELEB’S Go Dating’s Malique Thompson-Dwyer disgusted fans as he licked his lips while fantasising about girls’ toes this evening.

The 22-year-old star previously admitted that he has a foot fetish, and he couldn’t hide his excitement as he examined his dates’ trotters in the E4 show.

The Hollyoaks hunk was at dinner with two stunning women in tonight’s episode, but felt like the conversation was a little bit boring.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “This date has been dry so far, time to spice things up a bit”, adding a cheeky wink for good measure.

He then tells the girls: “I’ve got a mad foot fetish, remember I said yesterday?

“I’m looking at both of your feet, you’ve both got nice feet.

He wanted to ‘spice up’ the ‘dry’ date
The star tried to sneak a peek at the women’s feet

“I like that, I like that.”

The camera then cut to the feet in question, with both women wearing strappy sandals with an open toe and white nail polish.

Speaking in the confessional afterwards, Malique gushed: “Mmmm, now we’re talking.

“Both have toes on fleek, and they look good enough to eat.”

He said they looked ‘good enough to eat’

The star then licked his lips for good measure – leaving fans at home horrified.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Malique talking about feet.

“Me: Mum, can you pick me up? I’m scared.”

Another added: “FFS, you ‘n those bloody feet, Malique!”

Malique was unable to hide his excitement

A third exclaimed: “Oh my days Malique is not serious, feet again!”

Last night, Malique shocked viewers when he used the same chat-up line on the two girls at a mixer.

Fans confessed that they were feeling “uncomfortable” by the scenes, with Malique already discussing his foot fetish.

He said at the time: “I know who you are, you’re the one with the nice feet.”