Dean Gaffney turns Eminem as he RAPS to Celebs Go Dating girl on ‘romantic’ date


DEAN Gaffney turned Eminem as he RAPPED to his Celebs Go Dating girl on a romantic night out.

The EastEnders legend showed off his skills as they sat at a bar drinking.

Dean showed off his rap skills on the show

Dean showed he had more strings to his bows than just acting when he started to rap during a hot date.

The 42-year-old had just been asked for his autograph by a waitress, and was impressed that his date knew  he was an actor.

Dean, who looked dapper in a white shirt and dinner jacket while his pretty blonde date wore an off-the-shoulder top,  said to the camera: “So she’s aware of  my reputation as an actor, but what she doesn’t know is that acting is not my only skill.”

He then began his charm offensive with his off the cuff rap.

He looked pleased with himself
His date was entertained

He explained: “You ever seen 8 Mile with Eminem? They have to ‘spit’, like rap battle.”

He then demonstrated: “Hi my name is Dean, I like baked beans… because I sometimes wear jeans.”

“To meet someone called Ash. She’s got hair and her hair colour is blonde Ash.”

“Dean looked crestfallen when his date said that he couldn’t rap.”

Dean did his best Eminem impression
Dean is famous for playing Robbie in EastEnders

Meanwhile Dean was left struggling to speak after he downed a shot of tequila recently during a date on Celebs Go Dating.

The star necked the booze for a spot of Dutch courage after he was told by the agents that he needed to flirt more.

The actor previously dated Rebekah Ward, 25, who was just three years older than his twin daughters.

She dumped him after he begged a mum-of-two on Facebook to send him snaps of her boobs and bum after he wrote flirty texts to the 26-year-old dental nurse.

Dean and Rebekah started dating shortly after he split from Sarah Burge, his childhood sweetheart and mother to his two children.

Celebs Go Dating continues tonight at 9pm on E4. Celebs Go Dating continues until the 19th March at 9pm on E4.

Dean has been looking for love on Celebs Go Dating