Heartbroken Alison Hammond reveals she’s ‘struggling’ after mum’s death and says Celebs Go Dating is ‘really hard’


ALISON Hammond has revealed she’s “really struggling” after her mum’s death and finding Celebs Go Dating “really hard”.

Talking exclusively to The Sun Online, the 45-year-old star says she’s missing her beloved mum Maria “so much” after she passed away from liver and lung cancer.

Alison Hammond is heartbroken following the death of her mum

“I am really, really struggling with it. I just miss her so much,” the Celebs Go Dating star told The Sun Online.

And she said doing the dating show has been “really hard” as she deals with her mum’s death.

“But my mum knew I was doing it, she was excited for me taking part of the show and I know she would have told me to carry on,” she said.

“The show has been amazing with me. The told me not to come in for as long as I needed. They sent my flowers, the celebs have sent me messages.”

Alison often posted snaps of Maria on social media

And she’s missing her mum’s dating advice as she was “always involved” with  Alison’s partners.

“I would instantly be talking to her about my Celebs Go Dating experience but she’s no longer there,” she said.

“I want to talk to her all the time and she’s not there.”

She added: “I have never experienced anything like this before. I am usually a happy person so I am really struggling to process everything.”

Alison as a child with her mother

Alison has a 14-year-old son Aiden and she explained her mother would look after her grandson whenever she was away working.

“She was the only person who really understood when I go into work mode and I switch off in my brain.

“When I’m a way working I can be so to respond to texts and messages and phone calls,” she said.

“She wouldn’t call or hassle me, there was no judgement. She just understood I was away in work mode.”

The presenter sadly lost her beloved mum to liver and lung cancer

Alison says her mum was a “huge role model” to her and her son.

“We are both going to miss her so much. We were so close,” she said.

“It was unconditional love. I have never met a man who loves me unconditionally like my mum and I guess you don’t do you.

“That’s the point, but I would like to fall in love and meet a man. The show has helped. It has taken my mind off things.”

She wrote: ‘Today I dedicate Valentine’s Day to my beautiful , wonderful Mother Maria who passed away from liver and lung cancer’

Alison confirmed the news on Instagram as she shared a string of images of her late mother earlier this month.

Sharing the heartfelt post, she wrote: “Today I dedicate Valentine’s Day to my beautiful , wonderful Mother Maria who passed away from liver and lung cancer.

“Yesterday my family and I celebrated her amazing life and laid her to rest in a beautiful ceremony she would have been proud of.

“Thank you mummy for giving me the strength to move forward in the knowledge that your ok and with God in Heaven now. I will always remember you and try and make you proud. I love you mum.”

She also wrote on Twitter: “RIP my best friend and Living Angel please come to my dreams.”

Although Alison never previously spoke openly about her mum’s health, she has previously posted a picture of Maria in hospital.

Alison shared a close bond with her mum


Alison has always been close to mum, who hails from Guyana.

She shared a touching birthday message to Maria back in 2018.

Alongside a photo of her mum, Alison wrote: “How beautiful is my 70 year old Mum , I just love this woman so much.”