I’d never kiss a bloke on TV – most of the Celebs Go Dating men are too young to know who I am, says Ulrika Jonsson


ULRIKA Jonsson has vowed to never kiss a man on TV despite her appearance on E4’s Celebs Go Dating.

The television presenter, who rose to fame on iconic ITV game show Gladiators, went on to joke that most of the men on the show “didn’t know” who she was.

Ulrika has been looking for love on E4’s Celebs Go Dating
The television presenter said she would never kiss a man on TV

Ulrika, 54, is on the lookout for love as part of the new series – where she is joined by a series of other relationship-hunting celebrities.

However, despite being set up for dates with hunks including Geordie Shoe’s Marty McKenna, the star has insisted she won’t be sharing any snogs.

Asked whether or not she would kiss someone on telly, she exclusively told HOAR Online: “F*** no! F*** that! I’m 54, I’m not going to kiss someone on TV.”

The star detailed that during filming there isn’t enough time to “develop any kind of connection”, let alone get busy locking lips on the first date.

For Ulrika, it didn’t help that most of the men she dated on the show were “too young” to know who she was – with some almost half her age.

“The younger guys obviously haven’t got much of a clue who I am,” she said. “It was only really the first guy who seemed to think he knew everything about me.

“There really wasn’t much flirting from any of them. I’d been instructed to try and be receptive to that or at least try and make an effort, but it’s a two way street.

“I’d be well up for a flirt, I love a good laugh, but I guess there wasn’t anybody who rocked my socks off.”

Ulrika went into detail on one of her dates – one of which, with psychology graduate Jack, 27 – which she felt went well, until chat turned to kids.

“Our conversation was really good, bbut maybe because it was so good, we ended up not having any kind of flirty stuff,” the TV star added.

“He kept talking about how he’s dying to become a dad, and I’m like, ‘Well, mate, I’m 54, that ain’t going to happen’. So I felt like it was pointless.

“I could’ve definitely had a bit of fun for a few days, for a few years or whatever else til he wants to settle down. But at 54, I’m not going to be making him a dad.”

The most recent episode of Celebs Go Dating saw Ulrika sit down with new interest Jad, who despite being “really handsome”, wasn’t for her.

“Fundamentally he was quite dull,” she scathed of the unsuccessful date. “What I mean by that is that he was really nice and easy to look at.”

Earlier this year, Ulrika revealed that she is keen to settle down and find love after revealing she was “done with one-night stands”.

“I was ready to mingle,” she wrote in her column in HOAR. “I had a newfound freedom and, with my children being a bit older, a sense of independence. It energised me and catapulted me into a world of meeting, seeing, dating and having sex.

“I was not looking for a relationship. When you’ve been in one for a lengthy period, you crave space, time on your own, lack of commitment, freedom, a life devoid of boundaries and restrictions. An opportunity to breathe and spread your wings.

“What I’ve concluded is that sex and fun is . . . fun. It’s liberating, exciting and confidence-boosting.

“But it is not necessarily where I’m heading next year. I’m largely done with one-offs and rendezvous of brevity. I want more.”

Ulrika confessed she was looking for a serious relaitonship this year

The star was seen sitting down with Geordie Shore’s Marty McKenna