Dancing on Ice’s Colin Jackson says there are gay Premier League stars – but understands why they haven’t come out


DANCING on Ice star Colin Jackson said there are gay Premier League footballers – but he understands why they have not come out.

The former Olympic champ, 53, said there are top soccer stars refusing to publicly acknowledge their sexuality – and he doesn’t blame them.

Colin has been starring in ITV’s Dancing on Ice

In an exclusive chat with the Sun Online, Colin, who came out as gay at 50, said: “There are gay people in society and gay people in rugby and Premiership footballers which is quite right. It’s up to them whether they chose to come out.

“For me, if I was a Premiership footballer, would I come out? I’d say no. The reason why I’d say no is that just concentrate on your game.

“As soon as you come out people will be asking questions ‘what about this? What about that’? They should be concentrating on their game. That is their job. That is their role.

“You can come out in 20 years or when you want to come out, but right now, just focus on your skills.

The sports legend came out at 50
He said he understands why it’s so difficult for sportsmen to come out

He said people should come out if and when they feel ready

“Once you come out, you might be expected to go to every Pride and event across the world. No, no. just do what you want to do. “You’re still the same person, do what you want to do. That’s the most important thing. You’re a human being, just live your life. And love.”

The Olympic hurdler, who impressed judges with his moves to win the skate off last Sunday, said he understands the struggle of sports stars struggling with their sexuality.

Colin, who was in the skate off of the ITV1 show alongside his partner Klabera Komini, talked about his own experience.

The star, who has been a mentor for Qube Learning, said: “Coming out, you’ve got to be in a place where you are so comfortable in the process that you can do it, and just move on quickly.

He shot to fame as an Olympic hurdler

Colin said focus on your sport and come out when you’re ready


“I also feel like you shouldn’t have to come out if that makes sense. If you don’t want to don’t do it.

“You shouldn’t be under pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

“If you’re quite happy to do it and makes you feel at peace, then yes that’s fine and you’ve got to choose.”

Colin told why he chose not to be part of a same sex couple on DOI. He said: “I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I’d hate that ‘you lead, no I’ll lead’.

“I’m not interested in that. Klabera will go ‘I’m leading. Right, you’re coming with me. We’re doing it this way.’ And it works.

“It sounds odd but I get on with women better. So the partnership works better with the opposite sex.”