Dancing On Ice’s Rufus Hound will return to show for ‘one more skate’ despite being kicked off for positive covid test


DANCING On Ice’s Rufus Hound WILL return to the show for “one final skate” despite being kicked off for testing positive to coronavirus. 

HOAR exclusively revealed that the comedian, 41, had been booted out of Dancing on Ice he had already missed two weeks following being told to isolate. 

Fans of the Hound will be delighted to hear he will be back for one last skate during the final show

After getting a Test and Trace notification, Rufus was supposed to miss just one week but has since tested positive for the killer virus and had to quit along with his professional partner Robin Johnstone.

However, Robin has now confirmed they will return for one last hurrah during the final show in a Instagram post

She wrote: “I just want to thank everyone who was supporting Rufus and I this year unfortunately you can not predict what may happen in these crazy times and I’m very sorry Rufus and I can’t continue with @dancingonice.”

Robin went on: “I’m very proud of everything he’s learned and thank you for our fun laughs on the ice. I’m disappointed we couldn’t perform this weeks fun number we had!

The comedian told his fans he’s tested positive for covid and has had to leave the show

Rufus called the killer virus a b*****d

“Looking forward to joining the pros in a few weeks to skate some fabulous numbers and come back for one last skate and spin with Rufus in the final.”

A spokesperson for Dancing On Ice confirmed: “All of our cast usually return for the final so we do hope to see him there.”

Hound will now be replaced on Dancing on Ice by former Xtra Factor presenter and fellow comedian Matt Richardson who will skate with Vicky Ogden.

It comes after HOAR told how bosses had changed rules meaning as of Monday a positive diagnosis meant celebrities or skaters were out.

Rufus’s skate partner Robin said the duo would be back for the show’s final

The 41-year-old confirmed he would not be returning to the show following isolation

Insiders say those affected would not be qualified to safely skate having missed up to two weeks of training.

Previously, celebs would have been allowed a bye but only for one week. 

Rufus confirmed the news, tweeting: “I will no longer be participating in @dancingonice.

“COVID is – as I’m sure we’re all well aware – a b*****d and sadly the world isn’t short of those.”

Rufus had skated beautifully in the first week but sadly had to leave

He posted a video explaining: “I will no longer be participating on Dancing On Ice.

“Having come into contact with someone with Covid and isolating, it transpired that I myself have Covid.

“Unfortunately the rules on Dancing On Ice are completely cut and dry – very strict because they need to keep everybody on that production as safe as possible.

“It seemed when I was just quarantining there might be a window of opportunity to get back on the show, a window I now know doesn’t exist.”