Holly Willoughby jumps into bed with famous footballer in hilarious prank by Michael McIntyre


PETER Crouch was left gobsmacked after he discovered none other than Holly Willoughby in his bed in the middle of the night.

A bizarre prank pulled off by Michael McIntyre and Peter’s wife, Abbey, saw the footballing legend surprised at midnight.

Peter Crouch was shocked to find Holly Willoughby in his bed
Michael McIntyre and his crew stuck into the huge mansion

During Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on BBC One, the comedian – along with his huge camera crew – snuck into Peter and Abbey’s massive holiday home in Portugal.

Abbey was in on the joke, and had placed a spare key for Michael under the mat.

As the camera crew snuck into the main bedroom, viewers could see Peter, 41, sound asleep and snoring away.

Suddenly, the lights flashed on and the father-of-four jolted upright in bed, not too sure of what was going on.

Wife Abbey, 37, was giggling away as Peter could barely speak from the shock.

Michael went on to play a bunch of bizarre games with Peter, one of which included guessing which football celebrations were being performed by a dancing robot.

The robot turned out to be Romesh Ranganathan, who then jumped into bed with the couple.

Afterwards, Peter was told to play a memory game, where the lights went off and he had to notice all the things that had changed in the room.

He noticed some things, like Michael’s new hat, instantly, but he did miss that Abbey had been replaced by Holly Willoughby.

The This Morning presenter had somehow managed to climb into bed with Peter entirely undetected, and it took a while for him to notice.

When he finally did, his face was an absolute picture, hiding himself under the covers as Holly exclaimed: “Hi Pete!”

Peter told Michael: “I wasn’t expecting that one!” as Holly responded: “This is weird for me too!”

The entire prank left Peter gobsmacked, who had to later play football with a Telly-Tubby and eat a Madras curry from his favourite spot in Ealing.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show continues on Saturday, 6:50pm on BBC One.

Peter was shellshocked when Michael burst into his room

Peter and Abby were in bed together one moment

The next, Holly Willoughby was laid next to him