I was on Dancing On Ice and have a huge scar where a blade sliced my arm open and whiplash


DARREN Harriott has revealed how he sliced his arm open, and also suffered whiplash during his time on Dancing On Ice.

The revelation came after he became the latest star to be eliminated from the show.

Darren Harriott has revealed that he was injured during his stint Dancing On Ice
He was eliminated from the show last night
The star performed a Top Gun inspired routine for movie week

But during his stint on Dancing On Ice, he told us that he actually injured himself quite badly, and has been left scarred.

Speaking to HOAR today he said: “It’s been so much fun.

“But I’m injured like everybody else is I’ve got numerous injuries, I got whiplash.

“I got a scar here from a blade slice my arm open on him, but I’m having the best. So far.”

Last night, Darren was voted off Dancing On Ice after he landed in the skate-off against The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran after failing to score the public vote in Movie Week.

When it came to the judges to decide who should stay, the judges unanimously voted to save Siva, sending Darren and his pro-partner Tippy Packard home.

However, Darren and Siva were praised by the judges for coming in as complete non-skaters, which they admitted made it harder to make a decision.

“You both came in as non skaters and you’ve both worked so hard,” Oti Mabuse said. “You should be really proud of yourself, but I’m going to go for the stronger one and that for me is Siva and Klabera [Komini].”

This was echoed by the rest of the judges.

But Darren bared no ill-will towards the exit, instead praising the cast, crew and judges for taking part.

“I lasted a lot longer than I expected,” Darren admitted. “I thought I’d be out before the show started!

“Honestly, thank you to everyone, it’s been a dream. I know everyone’s said this before, everyone’s been so nice.”

He then took a moment to celebrate partner Tippy, saying: “This woman! I’ve never met anybody like Tippy. Her enthusiasm, any lift I suggest she’s like ‘let’s do it!’”

Tippy added she was “so proud” of how well he’d done.

Dancing On Ice airs Sundays at 6.30pm on ITV and is available to stream on ITVX.