Joe Swash reveals gruelling Dancing On Ice has left him ‘physically and mentally on the edge’


JOE Swash has said Dancing on Ice has left him “physically and mentally on the edge”.

The former EastEnders actor will compete for the crown during tonight’s grand finale but the show has left him struggling to balance his professional and personal lives.

Joe said he has been broken by the show

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “Emotionally, this has had me in a right mess. Physically, mentally and emotionally, the past couple of weeks I’ve been right on the edge.

“It doesn’t take a lot to wobble me at the moment. It’s so physical and the hours are so long. You have to learn up to three routines. I feel so tired.

“There have been a few tears. I have a little ten minutes where I have a little breakdown.”

Earlier this week Joe was rushed to hospital after suffering an injury on the ice.

Joe Swash was rushed to hospital with an infected ear

The 38-year-old was kicked in the ear by his dance partner Alex Murphy as they rehearse for Sunday’s Dancing On Ice final.

The wound quickly got infected and he had an emergency operation to drain the fluid from his ear.

Taking to Instagram stories today, Joe explained: “I thought we’d get the elephant out of the room and talk about this stupid, ridiculous bandage on my head.

“So basically what happened was me and Al were doing disco dad and her skate kicked me in the ear which gave me cauliflower ear

“Then it go infected which meant last night I had to get rushed to hospital and have an operation on it and cut it open and drain out all the gooey stuff.”

Alex Murphy kicked Joe in the ear with her skate

He added: “The best thing is the doctor said I have to keep this on my head until Sunday so all week we’re going to be doing the Bolero looking like this.”

Earlier today The Sun Online exclusively reported that Joe has been ruled fit to compete in this weekend’s Dancing On Ice final after he was struck down with an ear infection.

He left many fans worried if he would be well enough to perform on the ITV skating show after his other half Stacey Solomon shared several Instagram posts of his bandaged head last night.

Joe Swash has been ruled fit to compete in this weekend’s Dancing On Ice final after he was struck down with an ear infection

And now show insiders have told The Sun Online exclusively that the TV star has been “cleared by a doctor” and is back on the ice rehearsing for the finale with professional partner Alex Murphy.

A source said: “Joe has been cleared by a doctor to perform on Sunday.

“He’s fine, but he’s just annoyed about getting an infection and is wearing the bandage as a precaution.

“He’s out on the ice now rehearsing.”

Fans were left worried after Stacey Solomon shared several Instagram posts of his bandaged head

Joe and Stacey recently welcomed a son Rex

Last night, Stacey revealed she was left worried when Joe was hours late from rehearsals and his phone as switched off.

But as soon as he walked in the door she realised why he was late – he has been struck with an ear infection.

And it appears show bosses are taking no chances on the ice as they have wrapped his head in bandages.

“Joe is safe and well and still dancing he just had some sort of ear infection and it looks to me like they’re being precautious,” she shared with fans on Instagram.

The big bandage gave Stacey a laugh when Joe got home from work but he didn’t look too pleased.

She reassured fans he will still be in the final

Joe has been a big hit on the show

Last weekend, Joe delighted fans as he showed off his body transformation at the Dancing On Ice semi-final.

The star playfully tore open his shirt at the end of his first performance – after skating to Rod Stewart’s hit Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.

The father-of-two shocked Dancing On Ice viewers at home as well as the ITV judges, with John Barrowman even asking Joe to show off his six-pack for a second time as he gave his critique.

Meanwhile, fans flocked to social media to share their reaction to Joe’s impressive abs, with one writing: “Bloody hell, Joe Swash is in good nick isn’t he?!”

Another added: “Joe Swash is fit as f****”.

A third gushed: “Wow, Joe was certainly sexy!”