Stacey Solomon is caught out using her whole BODY to mop the kitchen floor by horrified Joe Swash


STACEY Solomon was caught using her whole body to mop the kitchen floor by her horrified boyfriend Joe Swash.

The Dancing On Ice star admitted he doesn’t “know what to expect” from Stacey when he comes home from work.

Stacey Solomon was using her whole body to clean the kitchen floor when her boyfriend Joe Swash got home

And he got a shock last night as she was sprawled on the floor using her body to clean the tiles.

She danced around to ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen but collapsed laughing when Joe got home.

“What the actual **** do I come home to?” he wrote on Instagram.

“Sometimes I come home and just don’t know what to expect,” he explained. “Aand today I’ve got to deal with his.”

He couldn’t believe what he’d walked in on

Stacey danced around to Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’

Joe Swash caught her in the act

But Stacey clearly doesn’t care what people think about her antics online and earlier this week, she told trolls to ‘have a day off’ as she was accused of neglecting kids to have a bath.

The Loose Woman told off the trolls who bashed her for daring to take a soak after a long day with the kids.

Stacey Solomon told the trolls to take a day off

Stacey hit back at mum shamers who tried to make her feel guilty for indulging in a bath.

The TV presenter saw the funny side and told the trolls to “have a day off” as she was accused of neglecting kids to have a bath.

Speaking from her cosy tub, she posted on her Instastories: “Been reading all your messages they actrually malke my day. There’s naturally a couple of Susan’s but they bring me laughter too.

Have a day off Susan. ”

She treated herself to a bath with a glass of Diet Coke and a selection of retro Polly Pocket toys

She celebrated making it through the day by having some alone time

She added: “No you’re right. I don’t like my children and I’d rather play with poly pockets (joke) before it’s in the news.”

Stacey enjoyed her relax in the bathtub after she had spent the past few days taking care of her children who were all poorly at the same time.

She begged Joe Swash to return home after ALL three children fell ill and started being sick.

The 30-year-old star asked her boyfriend to “hurry home with a sick bucket” as she documented the dramatic night in their family home this evening.

Stacey knew that something wasn’t right with her youngest son, Rex

Stacey was left stunned when her three boys went from happily eating pancakes to vomiting – forcing her to spend the evening disinfecting.

Yesterday, the TV favourite had excitedly documented baby Rex’s first pancake day, sharing snaps and videos of her two youngest sons enjoying the treat in honour of Shrove Tuesday.

However, Stacey soon realised that something wasn’t quite right, sharing a video of Rex cuddled up next to her on the sofa, explaining: “I think my pickle may be coming down with something.

“He has been laying on me for the last couple of hours just rubbing his ear, he’s usually up and climbing all over everything so it is strange to see him so quiet and subdued.”

She’d made her sons pancakes earlier in the day
Rex enjoyed his first Shrove Tuesday

The next post was slightly more graphic, with Stacey sharing a photo of the playmat covered in sick – which she had censored with a skull emoji.

The mop in full view, the mother-of-three wrote: “Okay… Every one of my pickles are dropping like flies.

“They’re all unwell, I knew they weren’t themselves but I wasn’t prepared for this.

“Looks like I will be spending my night boiling the bedding and their clothes and then militoning [sic] the house from top to bottom. Send help.”

She censored the vomit with a skull emoji

She added: “Hurry home @RealJoeSwashy – It’s going to be a fun night.”

Stacey then shared a picture of herself and Joe beaming at the camera with baby Rex – admitting that she was missing her partner while he competes on ITV show Dancing On Ice.

She captioned the sweet snap: “Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a LOT more.

“Took this earlier before all of our babies suddenly got struck down with a bug, I had the best morning just being silly with you and having all the cuddles, it’s been a while sometime I forget how funny you are…

Joe returned home to ‘explosive poop’

“Anyway that’s enough mush, now hurry up and get home, grab some marigolds, and a sick bucket on your way back – it’s going to be a lonnnnng night.

“P.S. I realise I have lipstick on my teeth in this picture Hoe’s [sic] girl code is terrible”.

She added on her Story: “I’m not going to lie, I’m so excited for Dancing On Ice to end so I get you back and get more days like this.”

However, poor Joe might have something to say about that as he arrived home from training at the worst possible time and had to immediately run into the shower.

Cradling a sleeping Rex, Stacey tried to contain her giggles as she told fans: “I finally got all of the pickles to sleep, Joe got home at the perfect moment – just as we had an explosive poop situation.

“I really hope they all feel better in the morning, I am going to spend tomorrow de-bugging the house from top to bottom.”