Emmerdale shock as Kerry and Amy get away with killing Frank and fans are furious

EMMERDALE viewers have vowed to switch off after Kerry and Amy got away with killing Frank.

The sisters deliberate over whether to come clean to the police

EMMERDALE viewers have vowed to switch off after Kerry and Amy got away with killing Frank.

The unemployed former sweet packer – who is played by actress Laura Norton in the ITV soap – was released from hospital and the legal consequences of causing Frank’s death and then framing him for the factory fire.

She and Amy had blackmailed Vanessa and Tracy into silence to avoid prison for themselves.

And tonight the sisters realised there was no way they could get justice for their dad – but they could kick them out.

Vanessa raged: “I thought he was guilty. His own daughter betraying him like that and you knew.

Turning to her sister Tracy them all: “We can hate them every single day.

Tracy and Amy come with a peace offering
But they refuse to accept it

“We can remind them every time we see them what vile murdering cowards they are. You’re dead to us the pair of you so just take your stuff and go.”

Kerry tried to defend herself: “I hate myself for this as well you know, I really do.

“And you’re right I am a coward. I need you both to know how sorry I am. I couldn’t bare to see you suffering, your my mates. I love you.

“Tracy when I was consoling you, every word I said I meant I swear.”

Everyone is angry about the situation

Tracy raged at her for refusing to hand herself in.

She told her: What you did was sick. Watching me freak out and then blaming an innocent man. You could have owned up and stopped it all but you just saved your own skin.”

The sisters then kicked Kerry and Amy out but it wasn’t enough for fans who were left furious.

One wrote: “F*** Amelia’s sake WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAD ffs Vanessa??? Cal the police you IDIOT #Emmerdale”

A second said: “#Emmerdale Any sane person would just call the old bill regardless”

Another added: “Tell the f****** police #emmerdale”