Chadwick Boseman’s Da 5 Bloods co-star Clarke Peters breaks down in tears over actor’s death


    CHADWICK Boseman’s Da 5 Bloods co-star Clarke Peters broke down in tears this morning over the actor’s death.

    The 68-year-old admitted he thought the late Black Panther star was “precious” because he had a masseuse on set.

    Clarke Peters was overwhelmed with emotion about Chadwick Boseman’s death

    But it turned out Chadwick was hiding his secret four-year cancer battle from his fellow actors.

    Being brutally honest about what he thought of the 43-year-old while filming Da 5 Bloods – due for release this year – Clarke said: “My wife asked what Chadwick was like because I was really excited to work with him.

    “I said I think he’s a little bit precious because he’s surrounded by people who are fawning over him.

    “He’s got a Chinese practitioner who is massaging his back when he walks off set, he’s got a make-up lady who is massaging feet, his girlfriend is there holding his hand.. and I’m thinking maybe the Black Panther thing went to his head.

    Chadwick had stage three colon cancer while filming Da 5 Bloods
    The 68-year-old cried over his regrets
    He described working with Chadwick on his new film

    “Now I regret even having those thoughts…”

    Clarke began to cry as he revealed his regrets about not knowing what Chadwick was going through.

    “They were really looking after him,” he said.

    “We were in 104degree weather running with equipment up to 40lbs on her backs. 

    “That young man…. I’m sorry…”

    The presenters comforted the weeping actor
    Clarke wiped away his tears

    Clarke was overwhelmed with emotion as he broke down in tears again.

    Wiping his face as he struggled to stop crying, Clarke said: “He had a God given gift.

    Chadwick passed away on Friday at his Los Angeles home with his wife, Taylor Simone, and other family members by his side.

    His family confirmed the beloved movie star’s tragic passing on Twitter and revealed he had first been diagnosed with cancer in 2016 – two years before the release of his Marvel blockbuster.