AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend Abbie reveals star’s secret signal that shows he’s missing home on I’m A Celeb


AJ PRITCHARD’S girlfriend Abbie Quinnen has revealed the star’s secret signal that shows he is missing home in an exclusive interview with HOAR.

The 26-year-old star has been in the I’m A Celeb castle for almost three weeks – and his loved ones have never been far from his mind.

AJ’s girlfriend Abbie shared the tell-tale sign in an exclusive interview

Abbie, 23, has now shared the tell-tale sign that he is missing home as he hurtles towards Friday night’s final.

The blonde beauty pointed out that AJ kisses his hat during the live segments of the show, which he has adorned with the names of his mum and dad, brother Curtis, as well as her own.

Abbie told us: “He is definitely missing home, I can tell – we’ve noticed that he kisses his hat, with my name, his mum and dad’s, and Curt’s every time he gets through.

“The fact he does that shows that he is missing us.”

AJ kisses his hat during the live segments on I’m A Celeb
It has been weeks since the campmates saw their loved ones

AJ has certainly been thinking about family a lot during his I’m A Celeb stint, with the star previously using one of the show’s live trials to wish his dad a happy birthday.

And Abbie was understandably disappointed that the former Strictly pro generously gave away two opportunities to receive a letter from home this week – but called the big-hearted gesture one of his “greatest moments”.

She explained: “I was upset that he didn’t get his letter from me but I thought that was one of his greatest moments.

“The fact that he was so selfless and gave his letter to two people who really did need it, with families… In the last couple of days we have definitely seen the AJ that I know.

AJ previously wished his dad a happy birthday during the show

Abbie was disappointed he didn’t get her letter to him

“He’s absolutely amazing, happy, friendly, and caring… And gorgeous!”

Abbie went on to share her heartache that she won’t be able to meet AJ at the end of the bridge when he does leave the castle due to health and safety rules surrounding the coronavirus pandemic – adding that she “isn’t sure” when she will finally be able to reunite with him.

She added: “Hopefully it will be soon because I miss him very much.

“I literally can not wait to see him, I feel like he has been away forever but it’s not long now!”

She ‘can’t wait’ to reunite with her famous beau

However, when AJ does leave the castle he will be told the devastating news that his beloved grandma Angela passed away last week at the age of 93.

His brother Curtis explained on Monday that it was their grandpa’s wish for AJ not to be told while he is on the show so that he can complete his time there.

Abbie told HOAR that she and AJ had been to visit his grandparents before he went into hiding for I’m A Celeb as he was concerned about his nan’s ailing health.

This week, Curtis revealed his and AJ’s grandma had died

A robin was seen in the camp the day after her passing

And the family found “huge comfort” when a robin visited the castle on Saturday morning – the day after AJ’s nan passed away.

With robins traditionally viewed as a sign that a deceased loved one is close by, Abbie explained: “Seeing that brought huge, huge comfort to all of the family.

“The family all feel very comforted that she went to see him.”

Abbie also teased her and AJ’s plans for the future

Abbie and AJ have been dating since 2018 and the influencer went on to reveal their big dreams as a couple once AJ is back home.

She said: “The dream job that we talk about all the time is to do a campaign for Calvin Klein like Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber.

“That is literally our dream, we talk about it every day pretty much like: ‘One day we will get there!’”