Babatunde branded ‘two faced’ by I’m a Celeb fans as he reveals shock revenge on Matt Hancock


BABATUNDE Aleshe was branded two-faced this evening as he revealed plans to ‘fart’ on Matt Hancock’s chair.

The comedian, 34, decided he wanted to get his revenge on the former health secretary after he won a trip to the beach for a slap up BBQ.

Babatunde said he was going to fart on Matt’s chair
Matt is the camp leader and has the best seat

As the group returned to the camp without Matt, Jill or Sue, Baba declared: “I’m going to fart on his chair.”

Despite Seann egging him on, Babatunde decided against doing it.

Discussing his actions, one person wrote: “Babatunde is a two faced. Sucks up to Hancock while in the camp.”

Others found it very funny, with one person writing: “Babatunde wanting to fart on matt hancocks chair is hilarious #ImACeleb.”

And another saying: “Baba going to fart on Matt’s chair has SENT ME #ImACelebrity.”

Earlier in the episode, Jill Scott, Owen Warner and former rugby star Mike Tindall had to complete a series of fairground-inspired challenges to help determine who was getting the beach trip.

The trio were strapped into spinning devices as they attempted to work together, with Jill starting by releasing colourful balls from a tombola-shaped cage full of insects.

Meanwhile on the Critter Carousel, Mike collected the balls and threw them at Owen, who was being repeatedly turned upside down over a trough of water.

Each colour corresponded to a different campmate and at the end of the challenge, all the balls were thrown into a tombola for a chance to win a surf ‘n’ turf barbecue and beach day.

Owen had the most number of balls in the mix with 10, while Coronation Street star Sue had only two balls – having picked Owen to have an extra ball over herself the previous day.

However, it was Sue, alongside Jill and Matt who were drawn at random to receive the luxury prize – leaving the others incredibly jealous.

Matt, Jill and Sue won the trip to the beach
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