Boy George slams ‘favouritism’ on I’m A Celeb and says campmates is ‘dead to me’


I’M A Celeb’s Boy George fumed that there is ‘favouritism’ going in camp and said that his campmates were ‘dead to me’ during tonight’s episode.

This evening saw Mike Tindall, Owen Warner, and Jill Scott take part in the ‘Scareground’ Trial to earn more balls. 

I’m A Celeb’s Boy George fumed that her campmates were ‘dead to him’ tonight
Jill, Mike and Owen took part in the challenge tonight

Lioness Jill decided to go in the Unlucky Dip, while rugby ace Mike took part in the Critter Carousel, and Hollyoaks star Owen bossed it in the Fiendish Ferris Wheel. 

Jill was being turned upside down in a box full of critters and had to pass the balls on to Mike.

The sportsman then had to catch the balls and pass them on to Owen, who was being spun around on a wheel.

The soap star would then get each ball and throw it into a basket.

Each ball was a different colour which represented each campmate.

However one celeb was left reeling when the trio failed to pick up any of his black balls.

Boy George shouted: “Whatever you do… don’t throw any black ones because you’ve only thrown one!

“Sorry but it’s disgusting… total favouritism! I’m sorry.”

Charlene then shouted if they could try and get some black balls in for George, to which he kept shouting “favouritism!”

Boy George added: “She’s dead to me.”

Many shared their shock on Twitter.

One said: “how can boy george get away with saying “she’s dead to me”… I wouldn’t mind but he didn’t even say it jokingly #ImACeleb.”

Another added: “boy George screaming favouritism at Jill, Mike and Owen, starting to hate him the most #ImACeleb.”