Boy George’s most catty feuds as I’m a Celeb star tears into Charlene – including Spice Girl telling him to ‘f*** off’


IT took just three days for Boy George to start a row with a campmate in the jungle.

The singer, 61, branded Loose Women panellist Charlene White, 42, as “controlling” and “overly bossy” in last night’s episode of I’m a Celebrity.

Boy George is known for starting feuds with fellow celebrities
Charlene walked on as Boy George was moaning about her bossiness

Venting in the Bush Telegraph, the Culture Club frontman said: “It’s so weird, that [food] bag comes down and Charlene just turns into an entirely different person.”

As he finished ranting to Scarlette Douglas later, Charlene walked into the conversation, making things rather awkward.

But such drama isn’t a rare thing for Boy George, who’s never been one to hold back in the outside world.

From tearing into a Spice Girl to getting into a fight with an airline, we take a look at some of his biggest celeb feuds (and cattiest putdowns!)


Boy George called Madonna all sorts of vile names in interviews

Boy George had no qualms about taking on the Queen of Pop and slamming her over and over again in public.

He first clashed with Madonna, 64, back in the 1980s and he later branded her a “vile, hideous human being with no redeeming qualities”.

The singer’s tirade happened after she posed for Vanity Fair in 1991.

The cover saw her strike a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose, which left him claiming that comparing the two women was like “comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus”.

Boy George has since back-pedaled on their drama, claiming he is “embarrassed” and that “it’s not something I would say now.”

The Culture Club singer hasn’t worked with Maddona since the rows, but says he “loves” her and has sold paintings he’s done of her.

He has joked about how good a song from the two of them could be. He said: “Could happen though. I wasn’t joking. Imagine me and Madonna on a record, it would be amazing come on.”

Liam Payne

Liam denied claims that he had refused to sign an autograph for Boy George’s niece

It seems being a young Noughties popstar doesn’t keep you out of Boy George’s claws.

The Culture Club frontman went after Liam, 29, for his alleged bad behaviour towards George’s niece.

In a tweet, the older singer said: “Top marks to Harry Styles for stopping for a picture with my niece and Bo**ox’s to Liam and the disrespectful w**ker of a minder!”

Liam denied the claims pretty quickly and accused Boy George of lying.

The ex-One Direction star said: “.@BoyGeorge now now boy lets not tell porkies. Firstly thanks for getting my name wrong three times, then asking me where is liam?…awkward. Then when you finally got it right saying you wanted Niall instead.

“if you would have asked me for a picture i would have stopped bro I just did what you said and pointed niall out for you so u just keep wearing ur strange hats and enjoy yourself my little Georgie pie… It’s still not cool you just look weird. [sic]”

They also had a spat backstage when Boy George got Liam’s name wrong.

The Strip That Down singer told a US talk show: “It was a moment where I was at a show and I kinda walked past him. He got my name wrong, he called me Zayn [Malik] or something, and I was like, ‘Oh no, no, no, he’s over there.’

“Then he called me someone else’s name, and I said, ‘No, he’s over there.’ Then I said, ‘I’m Liam…’ Whoever he was with wanted a picture with Niall [Horan], and I was like, ‘Well, he’s just coming by,’ and then I walked on by.”

It’s not clear if the singers have put their feud to bed yet.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria came under fire from Boy George for her rude autograph

Another strong female who fell foul of Boy George’s wrath is Victoria Beckham, 48.

The Karma Chameleon singer hit out at the former Spice Girl for a rude autograph.

“I nabbed her at a radio station and said will you write something funny on this for me and she wouldn’t write what I asked her to write, but she wrote, ‘To the b*tch, f**k off!”’ he said.

His dislike of the singer spilled over into The Spice Girls and he even banned one of his The Voice contestants from singing the girl-group’s hit Viva Forever.

On the show, he said: “The Spice Girls are awful. I hate them. They’ve just got nothing to say.

“Girl power. Yeah, and what the f**k is girl power? F*** the Spice Girls.”

And if that hadn’t made his point clear enough, he added: “They are a cynical corporate creation and proof that a good stylist is more important than a good melody.”

British Airways

Even airlines can’t avoid the fury of Boy George when he thinks he’s been slighted

Even companies can’t get away from Boy George’s fury – especially if he feels they are giving other people special treatment.

He hit out at British Airways after he felt they prioritised Victoria Beckham and her family at the expense of other passengers.

Boy George tweeted: “Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up at the aircraft. Proper going to avoid flying BA for a while!”

However, his anger was short-lived after he discovered the famous family had paid £6,000 for the specialist service.

He wrote: “Myself and @britishairways are back in love. Now I know it costs 6,000 to get off the plane before everyone else.

“Also, my current remit is to be more friendly, human and have more patience. Lol! Wish me luck. I also forgot to say how lovely my flight was!”

Paloma Faith

The singer was less than impressed when Paloma mimed being asleep when he talked

One of Boy George’s most recent feuds was with fellow The Voice judge Paloma Faith.

He was incensed when the popstar jokingly pretended she had fallen asleep in his pitch to get a show contestant to pick him.

Boy George was unimpressed and said “Excuse me Palaver” on the show to which she responded by asking if it was time to wake up.

He retorted: “You said you weren’t going to be b*tchy and you’re being b*tchy. You’ve probably got PMT or something, you were extremely rude.

“If you choose Paloma she will probably fall asleep while you sing.”

The singer then went on to taunt Paloma with his US hits, leading her to storm off camera.

Prior to the on-screen tiff, the BBC show had been plagued with rumours that Boy George had made the mum-of-two cry.

Things seem to have been smoothed over with Boy George claiming he loves Paloma on social media.

Vogue Williams

Vogue claims that Boy George doesn’t liker her as they’re not social media friends

Boy George’s latest feud is with reality star Vogue – although he’s yet to speak out about it.

Spencer Matthew‘s wife claimed that the singer hadn’t followed her on social media after they appeared on the same show – Virgin Media’s The Big Deal.

Speaking on the podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, she said: “I won’t be voting for you haha! Well, it was way worse for me.

“He followed everybody else on my show except for me. He took a personal grudge against me.”

It’s likely he will have something to say when he makes it out of the jungle and sees Vogue’s comments.

George Michael

Boy George had an issue with the Wham! singer because they had the same name

One sure way to irk Boy George is to have the same name – which Wham! singer George Michael fell foul of.

He told Piers Morgan‘s Life Stories: “We had our squabbles, he was my rival, he was called George, he made soul music so everything he did it was like we were kind of battling all the time.”

Despite the perceived rivalry, the two singers did get on well when they ended up at the same place.

He told HOARday Times: “There were a few evenings where the girls from Bananarama tricked me into going for dinner and he was there and whenever we met we got on great.”

Boy George claimed the cattiness towards other singers was just the “thing that you did in the 80s” in a Vanity Fair interview.

He also claimed that he cried when he heard of the Wham!’s singer’s death.