Carol Vorderman shares throwback of her in the 90s – and fans can’t believe it’s her


CAROL Vorderman has made fans do a double take after sharing some fabulous footage of herself in the 90s.

The I’m A Celebrity star, 62, recorded the video in 1991 to help kids learn their times tables and she has shared it on Instagram.

Carol Vorderman has shared a throwback mathematics video of herself
The star recorded a series of times tables videos in 1991

But numbers whizz Carol looks so different in the footage that some younger fans might have trouble recognising her.

The former Countdown star posted a red heart emoji on her Stories and wrote: “All my life, numbers.

“From launching National Numeracy Hour with David Blunkett in 1999 to my school @themathsfactorbypearson teaching half a million children free during lockdown and…

“My first times tables video from 1991! Do you remember it? #nationalnumeracyday.”

In the footage, Carol appears on screen in a fuchsia pink tailored jacket and is wearing a slick of matching lipstick.

She says: “And now, for the six times tables.”

Two hiphop dancers then appear on screen – one in MC Hammer baggy trousers – as a male voice begins rapping: “Come on, everybody and listen to me.

“Rapping is as easy as one, two, three. Don’t be shy, it’s easy if you try.

“I’m going to show you how to multiply!”

If the throwback video wasn’t enough for fans, Carol has also shared another great picture of herself from times gone by.

Carol posted a remarkable photo of ‘herself’ inside NASA’s International Space Station as it travelled high above Earth.

Her good friend, a NASA astronaut, took a paper snapshot of Carol wearing a bikini in the ISS with him in 2010 and photographed it propped in front of the window – making her appear to ‘sunbathe’ in space.

Carol’s video featured funky hip hop music to help kids learn

The star looks different – but like she has barely aged – since her video was shot in 1991