David Ginola ‘wants to become an actor’ after I’m A Celebrity stint and has already been offered top roles


I’M A Celeb’s David Ginola could remain on our screens long after the ITV show ends – he wants to star in movies. 

And the footy pin up says he’s already had offers and thinks Brad Pitt and Kevin Costner are the stars most suited to his acting style…

David Ginola plans to stick around on screen after his I’m A Celebrity stint

Ginola, 54, said: “I think I could make it as an actor because I always put myself in the position of someone else and that is what acting is all about, seeing a role through different eyes. 

“As it happens, I have already been approached to act in films.” 

Explaining the kind of role he’d want the French hunk added: “I would never play the role of someone whose character is the opposite of mine.

“I would have to be close to the role to get into it. I quite fancy myself in films like Dances With Wolves with Kevin Cosnter, or Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt.

“If I wanted to be an actor it would be possible for me to have a go.”

David set out his ambition in his memoir La Magnifique. 

Earlier this week we told how the ex Newcastle and Spurs footballer – tipped to go all the way on the ITV show – became so obsessed with his first teacher that she had to ring his parents. 

The footy pin-up hinted his former teacher may have felt the same but was left unnerved by schoolboy infatuation. 

In another section he told how he once fell for a Belgian girl called Gaetane when holidaying in France as a 15-year-old.

The pair ended up skinny-dipping but Ginola said things didn’t end well.

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“It was like a scene from Here to Eternity,” he said. “We were rolling on the beach and the waves were rushing around us. But I was so cold that when it came to trying to make love to her I couldn’t manage it. 

“I was a total flop if you know what I mean! I almost lost my virginity but was beaten by the cold – proving that your first time is not perfect. In the end we gave up and went back to join our friends.”

It didn’t take him long to get over the incident which he spoke about in his book, Le Magnifique.

He went on to date a string of glamorous women in a career which saw him attract legions of female fans across the country. 

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