David Ginola’s letter from home leaves I’m A Celebrity’s Danny Miller in tears as fans tease star


I’M A Celebrity’s Danny Miller was left in tears last night as David Ginola finally received his letter from his girlfriend Maeva, 32.

The former professional footballer was one of the celebs who did not receive their letter in the wifi code challenge days ago – but all that changed during Thursday’s episode.

Danny Miller was left in tears as he read out David Ginola’s letter from home last night
The former footballer’s campmates missed two prior chances to get the letter for him

The 54-year-old was delighted when campmate Danny Miller found his letter from home hidden in a Christmas tree during a festive meal for camp at the Castle Inn.

The celebrities were treated to peanuts, crisps, pizza and chips, in the decorated room when Emmerdale star Danny found the letter. 

Reading the heartfelt message, Danny joked: “It’s in French, so concentrate.”

He continued: “My love, I miss you more with every second that passes. The time is so long, we can’t wait for you to come back to us. 

“There is a big void at home without you. Everything is fine here. Ever asks after you every day, she misses you so much. 

“She loves her daddy, her David, very, very much. Ever and I watch you on TV as often as possible, I love to see you support your campmates and take care of Danny. 

“It is so you. Kind, reliable, strong, solid, empathetic. Be brave my man, even though I have no doubt of it. I love you more and more. You are my superhuman. Your Ever and your Maeva.”

In response to his love’s letter, David said: “I’m a lucky guy” and blew kisses into the air.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, the sports star added: “All this love there, I can go through anything.”

And while viewers loved the moment, some couldn’t help but tease David’s campmate Danny for getting teary-eyed over the message.

Taking to Twitter, one penned: “danny was crying more than david over david’s letter” (sic).

“Danny crying as he reads the French letter to David,” another penned.

While a third laughed at the camp’s comment to Danny before he read the letter aloud: “‘Danny, stop crying. It might be in French, you need to concentrate’, Rolling on the floor #ImACeleb”.

Despite some viewer’s teasing, many fans thought the moment was very sweet and commented on the pair’s friendship.

One wrote: “Danny and David crying whilst reading each other’s letter just show the love and friendship between them”.

“Not me crying at Danny reading David’s letter” another shared.

Earlier this week, David was left fuming after a note from his girlfriend was lost in a trial.

Simon Gregson and Louise Minchin had a chance to retrieve David’s note at Kiosk Cledwyn’s Ye Olde Shoppe.

They failed but kept the news from the footie ace, leaving pal Danny to deliver the news.

The Frenchman, 54, did not receive his home note in the wifi code challenge days ago, here with girlfriend Maeva Denat

The Frenchman, 54 pictured with girlfriend Maeva Denat