I was most controversial campmate on I’m A Celebrity and faked that I was PREGNANT to get out of a trial


SHE was one of I’m A Celebrity’s most controversial campmates and was voted to do a record number of bushtucker trials.

But now Gillian McKeith has confessed she went as far as trying to fake being pregnant to get out of one trial on the ITV show.

Gillian has admitted she claimed she was pregnant to get out of another trial
Gillian fainted in one of the show’s most famous moments

In an exclusive interview with HOAR, Gillian revealed she resorted to desperate measures after the public continually voted her to do every task going back in 2010.

She revealed: “I was terrified of everything so I was constantly working myself up to different levels of craziness inside my body.

“You have access to a psychiatrist at all times and I went to speak to them at one point to ascertain how many more trials I would be doing.

Able to see the funny side looking back, Gillian explained with a laugh: “I tried everything to get out of these trials.  I tried telling them I was pregnant and they didn’t believe me. I said, ‘I do actually believe I am pregnant and we really must take this seriously.’”

Gillian, who was famed for fainting during one trial on the show, added that there was one trial she was unable to do due to medical reasons.

“I was exempt from one that I know I would have been voted for because I have scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine,” said the You Are What You Eat legend, who is rumoured to be returning for next year’s I’m A Celebrity…All Stars.

“I wasn’t allowed to be dropped from a height in a harness in case it jiggled me. I would have rather have done that one as there were no insects but they wouldn’t let me.

” I was begging them to let me swap, but nobody paid any attention. I asked the psychiatrist, but they said no.”

Like Gillian, Matt Hancock has been voted to do every trial since he arrived in the jungle, but she claims there situations are very different.

“I have learnt since leaving the jungle that the public weren’t voting me to do all the trials to punish me, they were doing it because I was entertaining them.

“Even the other day, a taxi driver said to me, ‘I loved you in the jungle, I’m so sorry that I voted you for every trial but you were so entertaining.’

“With Matt, it’s different, I think the public are trying to punish him, but it’s having the opposite effect.

“All that is happening is he is having enormous amounts of airtime and coming across really well.”

Does Gillian think he could win?

“It will be extreme or the other, he will either be out first, or if he isn’t, he could go all the way and win.”

Gillian revealed she spoke to a psychiatrist while on the show about all the trials she was getting

Gillian says taxi drivers still constantly talk to her about her stint in the jungle