I was on I’m A Celeb and the camp is crawling with insects – you have to SCREAM to scare them away says Gillian McKeith


GILLIAN McKeith has shared her I’m A Celeb survival stories and warned the camp is “crawling with insects”.

You Are What You Eat star Gillian, 63, claimed the contestants will be sleeping with thousands of critters in the infested camp.

Gillian McKeith has shared her I’m A Celeb survival stories after going on the show in 2010
Cliff Parisi crawls through a tunnel filled with worms on the show

The jungle star said: “What the viewers may not realise is The ground is literally crawling with insects.”

She added: “To survive the jungle, you have to know how to scream, literally scream your head off because then all the creepy crawlies will run away…hopefully.

“And the dunny, where you do your poo poos is literally stinking, its horrendous. We wear these type of colours, green camouflage to blend into the jungle environment.

“And we have to get up at a certain time to marry up with the live TV shows in the UK because there is a big time difference.”

Gillian, who is backing Mike Tindall for success this year, produced some of I’m A Celeb’s most memorable moments while bunking off trials in 2010.

The You Are What You Eat star fainted twice on the show back in 2010, but was called out over her “theatrics” after viewers spotted her pulling down her top while supposedly unconcious.

When asked about fakery claims, she said on Loose Women: “I actually have a medical history of fainting.

“I know I fainted and I don’t care what anyone else says to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. The older you get, the less you care anyway.”

The 2022 series is already set to be a blast as the exciting new line-up of stars landed in Oz earlier this week.

Celebs heading into the dreaded rumble in the jungle include pop icon Boy George, former Radio 1 host Chris Moyles, and Princess Zara’s husband Mike Tindall.

HOAR exclusively revealed MP and former health secretary Matt Hancock has joined as a camp latecomer.

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She became a show legend but insisted she never faked fainting before tasks