Ian Wright facing Ofcom complaint as fans accuse him of bullying Andrew Maxwell on Im A Celeb


IAN Wright is facing an Ofcom complaint over accusations that he has been bullying Andrew Maxtell on I’m A Celebrity.
Viewers have taken to social media and complained to the broadcasting regulator to claim that Ian has been purposely targeting Andrew in particular, and it all kicked off again when Ian lost his cool on Tuesday’s episode.

Ian criticised Andrew for his laidback attitude

Andrew had returned from completing a bushtucker trial and insisted on leaving the washing up until later in the evening; he was on washing duty with Caitlyn Jenner but told her that he was “going for a nap”.

“We just don’t need to do it yet,” he insisted after Caitlyn told him it was no problem and she would take James Haskell.

However James proceeded to burn his foot when the hot water splashed, and it left Ian very unimpressed: “He’s not meant to be doing that.”

“It’s a good job I am not the leader,” muttered Ian, “this won’t be happening, he would be down here doing this.”

Andrew decided to take a nap after his trial
And Ian was not impressed, asking Andrew why he didn’t wait 15 minutes and complete his tasks

He added: “We’re grateful for the ten stars but at the same time you can’t get ten stars then clock off, it it worked like that it would be anarchy.”

Ian then approached Andrew to talk it out: “The thing is, James had to go and help with the dishes and so what I am saying is that because you know you got the stars, and then you came back, but because Caitlyn wanted to do it you went to sleep.

“Just do it, it would have taken 10, 15 minutes.”

Andrew apologised and said he would “do it in the future” but Ian was still not happy: “Do you understand what I am saying? I don’t want us in a situation where I am festering.”

Ian and Andrew have clashed in recent days

He has admitted he needs to get things off his chest so they don’t “fester”

James is camp leader but has also come under criticism from fans

Ian’s words however left a sour taste for some fans, with many taking to Twitter to suggest it was now “borderline bullying”.

“James Haskel and Ian Wright are both prize t**ts disguised as gentlemen (sic),” tweeted one annoyed viewer.

“Haskel actually thinks he is the boss. The way he talks to the women is medieval. And the way they both treat Andrew is real school yard bullying (sic).”

Others however defended Ian and James, tweeting: “I actually cant believe people think Ian and James are bullying Andrew?

“I would be livid if he went and had a nap because he couldnt be arsed to do his dishes as well!

“Its not like hes got anything else to do for the rest of the day.”