I’m a body language expert – Chris Moyles fakes easy-going nature & is scheming to form a ‘rebellion’ on I’m A Celebrity


CHRIS Moyles is faking his easy-going nature and scheming to form a “rebellion” on I’m A Celebrity, a body language expert has claimed.

The radio DJ, 48, laughed it off when Matt Hancock MP was announced as camp leader on last night’s show.

Chris Moyles has been accused of being ‘Machiavellian’

But speaking to HOAR on behalf of Betfair Bingo, behavioural expert Darren Stanton gave his take on Chris’s real feelings.

“When it was announced that Matt was leader everyone looked astonished and surprised”, he said.

“However, we also had some interesting gestures of non-verbal communication from Boy George, Sue, Chris and Charlene.

“We saw Boy George flash disgust while Charlene appeared to show contempt as well, displaying a one-sided smile.

“Chris can be persuasive and is planting seeds for a potential rebellion, which places him as a very Machiavellian character.

“It’s clear he has no love for Matt, who appears to be playing some kind of secret agenda in his mind.

“Chris comes over as very affable and easy-going, but psychologically I think he can be quite scheming.”

Darren added: “There have been some interesting alliances forming and changes in dynamics of power in the jungle in recent days.

“The decision to introduce a camp leader received a mixed reaction, especially when it was announced that the nominees were Matt and Mike.

“I think Mike has a great deal of respect from everyone in the group – not because he’s connected to the royal family, but the fact that he’s just generally a nice guy with a big heart.

“He has proved to be a team player, who loves to give the rest of the group hugs and is a big teddy bear, as Charlene pointed out.

“It’s clear from the groups’ reaction that Mike would have been the preferred camp leader.