I’m A Celeb fans all have same complaint about Simon Gregson’s controversial final meal choice


I’M A Celebrity viewers all have the same complaint about Simon Gregson’s controversial final meal on tonight’s finale.

The last supper is the celebrities’ chance to order their favourite meal of all time after weeks of subsisting on rice and beans rations.

Simon Gregson made an unusual choice for his final meal
Ant and Dec were shocked he chose to have peppercorn sauce with his lamb chops

But the Coronation Street actor left viewers scratching their heads when he ordered a controversial meal choice.

Speaking to Ant and Dec of reaching the final, Simon said: “Wow, you know, got
down to the final three, so obviously been making the right trumping noises.” 
Explaining his final meal choice was lamb chops and mash with a side of
peppercorn sauce, Simon said: “I’ve been hankering after peppercorn sauce.” 
As Ant and Dec questioned his choice, Simon added: “Peppercorn sauce with lamb, you’ve made me think now…”

Simon had to face the final eating trial to win his strange choice of main meal.
As he faced his first dish of the Trial – a pig’s eye – Simon joked: “Have you got any
peppercorn sauce?”

And viewers were shocked by the unusual culinary pairing.

He said after: “Tasted like you’ve left a pork scratching in your pocket for a
Next up in an I’m A Celebrity first, he had goat tongue and Dec joked: “Any feedback is gratefully received.”
Simon laughed: “The feedback, you may want to stand back. I’ve got a very
delicate constitution.”

As he ate it, Ant said: “You can really smell it. Really ‘goat-y’.”

Next was Fermented Castle Gruel, which was made up of fermented egg, tofu,
plums and more. 
Dec said: “So just whack the whole bowl down.”
Ant joked: “Imagine it’s a massive bowl of peppercorn sauce.” 
When he’d downed the bowl, Ant checked it and seeing some left said: “Please
Sir, can you have some more…”
Next Simon faced sheep’s penis and in another I’m A Celebrity first Simon was
then served cow’s vagina.
Ant and Dec joked he’d have eaten a farmyard by the end and started singing
“Steve McDonald ate a farm…”
At the end a relieved Simon said: “Oh my goodness, I’ve done it!”

Having successfully won all of their meals, drinks and treats, the three finalists sat down for their food. 
On the menu for each was: 
Danny Miller: Halloumi fries, full English breakfast, cheeseboard and chocolate. 
Frankie Bridge: Baked Camembert, roast beef dinner, apple crumble and custard and white chocolate fingers.
Simon: Prawn cocktail, lamb chops, mash and peppercorn sauce on the side, Eton
Mess and chocolate.
Frankie said: “There was this big table with a white cloth on, real cutlery and
glasses! I’ve not drunk out of glass for so long. It just looked like the perfect
romantic meal for three.” 
Simon said: “It was absolutely immense!”