I’m A Celeb fans all say the same thing about Boy George’s ‘creepy’ ritual in the middle of the night


I’M A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star Boy George has left fans horrified after ‘meditating’ for two hours in the dark.

The Culture Club singer, 61, was unable to sleep on his first night so sat bolt upright at 3.30am and ‘chanted’ for two hours in the pitch black.

Boy George meditated for two hours on his first night
Fans said they would ‘scream’ if they woke up to see him sitting still in bed

Boy George said he went to a ‘deep place’

Boy George’s fellow campmates were all asleep at the time but he decided it was a good moment to go to a “deep place”.

The following morning, he said: “When I first went to bed, I couldn’t really rest. So I decided I would meditate, which was so beautiful to be doing it outside with the moon above. I actually went to quite a deep place.”

But I’m a Celebrity fans described his nighttime behaviour as “creepy”, admitting it would leave them scared if they were living alongside him.

One tweeted: ‘I would scream if I woke up in the middle of night to see Boy George sat bolt up right meditating on his bed!”

Another said: “If I woke up in the middle of the night, in the jungle, to see Boy George meditating and sitting up like that, I’d scream and pass out.”

A third asked: “Why did Boy George look so creepy sitting up in the dark at 3am?”

Boy George was seen meditating for a second time later in the show during I’m A Celebrity’s first Bushtucker Trial of the series.

He was locked in a ‘torpedo tube’ tank during the task but seemed cool as a cucumber as it filled up with water.

Fellow campmate Chris Moyles, however, was panic-stricken as the water level rose in his.

Viewers of the ITV1 show were again gobsmacked by George’s calm demeanour and shared their amusement online – assuming he was meditating again.

One fan tweeted: ‘Boy George is meditating again. Bless him!”

Another added: “U can tell Boy George is meditating while in the chamber!”

A third wrote: “Forgot Boy George was in this trial. Been so relaxed and quiet.”

The first Bushtucker Trial, called HMS Drown Under, was completed by Boy George, Chris, Scarlette Douglas and Olivia Attwood – who has since left the jungle.

Scarlette and Oliva were tasked with locating taps hidden inside ‘hell holes’ filled with reptiles including a carpet python.

Every time the water levels in Boy George and Chris’ torpedo tubes reached a new level, a yellow star would be released into the water for them to grab.

But as the water began nearing the top, Chris panicked: “Oh my God, it’s getting a bit high!” 

Boy George, however, remained silent and still as his water level rose.

The foursome managed to win eight out of 10 stars and, once Boy George was ‘flushed out’ alongside Chris, hosts Ant and Dec remarked on his behaviour.

Dec told the 80s pop star he was very “zen” during the Bushtucker Trial.

“I just like to stay calm. I don’t panic. I was fine,” he admitted.

Boy George later said in the Bush Telegraph: “Buddhism and chanting is about lifting your energy and lifting your spirits.”

Boy George meditated again during the first Bushtucker Trial

He remained calm in a ‘torpedo tube’ of rising water

Chris Moyles had panicked in his tube
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