I’m A Celeb fans baffled by new addition as Owen and Scarlette make show history – did you spot it?


I’M A CELEBRITY fans were baffled on Monday night’s show after a ‘new addition’ was brought on to the show to make life difficult for the campmates.

During the episode, Scarlette Douglas and Owen Warner were tasked with taking on the latest Meals on Wheels challenge (formerly known as the Dingo Dollar challenge).

Owen and Scarlett made show history – but not the kind they maybe wanted
The pair were tasked with matching different currencies to countries

The task, called Jungle De Change, saw them trying to identify and then count different currencies.

However, in a change-up to the usually light-hearted format, designed to get treats to the campmates if they’re successful with the challenge, and then a question, this time was different.

Rather than letting them take their time, there was a judgemental clock ticking down over them, giving Scarlette and Owen a set time in order to complete it.

They ultimately failed, and as a result returned back to camp devastated and empty handed.

Owen later said: “I’m feeling very disappointed, very deflated.

“I’m not the smartest geezer about, which is probably why I got put to do that. I feel a bit awful… I feel really tight that I’ve let the campmates down a little bit.”

But fans were confused why they were given a time limit in the first place, not realising the fun-filled challenge to break up the campers’ day normally came with one as they’ve always been previously achieved.

“Is this a first time someone has failed at a Dingo Dollar challenge????? I’ve never seen anyone lose,” one fan wrote.

“Noooooo why did they put a timer on the dingo dollar challenge?” questioned another.

A third said: “I thought it was impossible to not win a dingo dollar challenge.”

While a fourth said: “I didn’t know you COULD run out of time for those challenges. Haven’t they been like..peeling potatoes long into the evening before… #ImACeleb”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV.

The pair were disappointed with their failure