I’m A Celeb fans beg producers to step in after noticing campmate in danger


I’M a Celebrity viewers have begged producers to step in as they claim one campmate is in danger.

The stars have been roughing it in the Aussie bush for more than two weeks now and fans think the harsh weather is getting to one of them in particular.

Fans have shared their concerns about Sue’s sunburn

They’re also speculating how ITV are looking after the actress who has type 2 diabetes

Pointing out Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver‘s sunburn, one person tweeted: “Please give Sue some sun block for her nose cos it is getting very burnt and she is lovely.”

Another joked: “Not sue looking like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.”

And a third added: “I’m worried about Sue’s red nose. Has no-one got any sunscreen in there.”

It’s not just Sue’s skincare that’s got fans concerned. They’ve also been speculating how ITV are looking after her as she has type 2 diabetes.

Sue, 59, is permitted to use a golf buggy to travel back to camp after trials otherwise her insulin levels could drop.

This led to fans speculating how else ITV are looking after Sue, with one writing: “If she increases her physical exercise when food isn’t readily available, it may alter her need for insulin and put her at risk.”

Another said: “ITV would’ve made sure she has enough food, they have a duty of care.”

And a third speculated: “Apparently she’s being fed in secret. If they didn’t, she’d be in a coma.”

Viewers previously spotted Sue wearing a patch on her arm in the jungle.