I’m A Celeb fans brand one campmate ‘sly and fake’ – saying he’s playing a game to win


I’M A Celebrity fans have branded Danny Miller “sly and fake” and are convinced that he’s playing a game.

Danny – who played Aaron Livesy on Emmerdale for 13 years – has been called out by fans who claim he’s “not being genuine”.

I’m A Celeb viewers have branded Danny Miller ‘fake and sly’
Viewers are convinced that he’s a game player

On Wednesday’s episode, Louise Minchin and Simon Gregson returned to camp empty-handed after the team failed to win The Castle Coin challenge.

The prizes were between bread and butter or letters for home – with the duo opting for David Ginola and Adam Woodyatt’s letter.

Upon arriving back in camp, the group agreed not to tell David that they had lost his letter, fearing it could be a massive blow to him.

However, hours later Danny decided that he would spill the beans to the footie legend.

ITV viewers have questioned Danny’s motives and are convinced that he’s playing a game with his campmates.

One wrote: “Danny is playing the biggest game, the least genuine person in there. #ImACeleb”

Another posted: “Why did Danny tell David about the letter, he clearly wants to be seen as a good guy when he’s actually a game player. #ImACeleb”

A third shared: “Simon to win now. He’s so funny and relaxed and gets on with everyone. Danny is so fake and two-faced, very passive aggressive. #ImACeleb”

A fourth agreed: “Danny wants to steal the spotlight. Why not the whole group tell David. He’s trying to play up this fake bromance which isn’t there. #ImACeleb”

“I can’t be the only one that feels like Danny comes across as fake and sly. #ImACeleb,” another commented.

“Oh my god I hate Danny, major fake vibes,” one added.

Meanwhile, another claimed: “Danny is an absolute s***-stirrer and is playing every campmate for airtime and to cause arguments. Completely and utterly fake person who needs to go…he’s a snake. #ImACeleb”


Earlier this week, David was left bawling as he read the note from the Emmerdale actor’s fiance Steph Jones aloud to his celebrity campmates.

In Monday night’s episode, the celebrities gathered to read the coveted letters from home that they had unlocked with the latest challenge.

Tense scenes saw the group remembering six-digit codes to correctly input into a computer before unlocking the letters from their families.

David, 54, and Adam Woodyatt were the two celebrities left without a letter after their partners for the challenge failed to input the code correctly.

Not wanting him to feel left out, soap star Danny, 30, asked his new pal to read his letter from home aloud to the camp.

“Dear Daddy, it’s Steph and Albert here,” the Newcastle United star read. “He recognises your voice on the telly and looks up at it when he hears you.”

“We all love watching your relationship with David blossom. Thank you, David for looking after our boy,” David continued as he began to softly cry.

“Finally, remember what I tell you every day – you are strong, you are wise, we feel extra lucky to call you ours. You are our daddy, our only daddy.”

Losing total control, David burst into tears as he concluded the note, getting up out of his chair and walking away as he cried.

Danny quickly followed him, offering him a hug before the two both sobbed on each other during an emotional embrace.

“I’m proud of you, it was beautiful,” David told Danny as he held him tight, with tears rolling down his face. “They love you so much.”

David Ginola was seen breaking down in tears over Danny's letter

David Ginola was seen breaking down in tears over Danny’s letter