Im A Celeb fans in hysterics as Ian Wright screams like a girl and takes swipe at Ant in disastrous Bushtucker Trial


I’M A Celebrity fans are in hysterics as Ian Wright “screamed like a girl” in tonight’s disastrous Bushtucker Trial.

Ian Wright was joined by James Haskell – a partnership they dubbed Team Raskell – to take on the Bushtucker Trial Deadly Dungeon.

Ian screamed throughout the trial

They were chained together as they hunted through a pitch black dungeon for golden stars.

The tunnels included one filled with crabs, one with spiders and another with cockroaches and mealworms.

The sportsman managed to grab six out 12 stars in the trial – but not without making a fuss.

Former Arsenal footballer screamed throughout the whole thing, much to the delight to viewers.

They faced spiders and other creepy crawlies

One person said: “Ian screaming like a little girl has made my day”

Another added: “Did Ian have to scream every single minute of that trial…. Andrew didnt do that yesterday #ImACeleb”

A third remarked: “Hearing Ian scream like a girl after acting bossy and rude all week is the best thing. Also cant get over how many stars theyre like millimetres away from grabbing #ImACeleb”

Ant and Dec found the whole thing funny

James said “We tried” at the end of the trial, whereas Ian said: “I just don’t like not getting 12 stars.”

James added: “It would have been very hard to get 12 stars out of that, we tried.”

During the task, Ian snapped at Ant as he tried to help them with the task.

Yesterday, Ian lashed out at Andrew Maxwell for sleeping after doing the task.

The pair only managed to get six stars

He didn’t do the washing up immediately after getting them 10 stars to eat – leaving both James and Ian angry.

Ian approached Andrew to talk it out: “The thing is, James had to go and help with the dishes because you got the stars, came back, but because Caitlyn wanted to do it you went to sleep.

“Just do it, it would have taken 10, 15 minutes.”

Andrew apologised and said he would “do it in the future” but Ian was still not happy: “Do you understand what I am saying? I don’t want us in a situation where I am festering.”