Im a Celeb fans turn on James Haskell after he slams his stupid campmates over trials


I’M a Celeb fans turned on James Haskell tonight after he slammed his “stupid” campmates.

The former rugby player was previously voted leader of the camp but despite being replaced by Caitlyn Jenner, he seems reluctant to relinquish control.

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I’m a Celebrity fans turned on James Haskell tonight after he slammed his campmates

Tonight, the celebrities were given the chance to choose who took part in the Bush Tucker Trial for the first time this series, with Cliff Parisi volunteering.

James said the names should still be drawn out of a hat but Kate Garraway said: Cliff wants to do it.

James came back: We are all really clear that Cliffs doing it but its about showcasing yourself or whatever, is for us to do that.

Cliff answered: Im quite happy to be in all week and do a trial. James interrupted: Yeah we can all do that thats the point, its for us to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot to do it.

James Haskell took charge when it came to deciding who did the Bush Tucker Trial with Cliff

In the Bush Telegraph Cliff said: It all got a bit confusing because James goes bleaurgh bleaugh bleaugh and no-one knows what the hell is going on so we just go oh alright then.

Trying to clarify the situation Kate said Cliff is definitely going in and they were drawing to go with him. Nadine Coyle said she wouldnt put herself forward There are people better equipped to do it. Jacqueline Jossa agreed that is wasnt her forte either. I just cant deal with the drama.

James said: I dont think you need a PhD in construction to be able to do it, if they said Spider Highway, you wouldnt need to know about cars to do it.

In the BT James explained: Ordinarily I would completely agree you need to find the best person for a job but there are a lot of people there who have self-doubt so the fairest way was to draw it out the hat.

Andrew Maxwell and James Haskell later discussed the issue

Andrew Maxwell then asked James if he was OK, saying you seem really edgy man.”

James replied:Its just that unnecessary debate when people dont listen. I dont have to listen to peoples incessant stupidity going round, I cant abide over talkers and dawdlers.”

Andrew later reflected: “James hates what he sees as faffing but other people call it debate, having a little discussion about it.”

Andrew Maxwell tried to explain that some of the campmates like to debate things but James Haskell was having none of it

The issue arose again with the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge question;What percentage of adults think that a stiff upper lip is generally a good thing? A 37% or B – 57%.

Kate explained to everyone what a stiff upper lip was, they started to discuss the question but James took charge and said to vote on it, he asked for a show of hands.

Feeling they were being rushed to make a decision, Kate said James, weve got nothing else to do, its o.k.

James Haskell made his feelings known a number of times during tonight’s episode

James said Well you just keep asking the same question, put your hand up for 37%. James counted and found a camp majority for 37%. He abruptly said See youre outnumbered, go with A. Nadine told Kiosk Kev they were choosing A-37%.

Later Andy Whyment said Maybe we shouldnt do the Dingo Dollar Challenge anymore because everyone gets stressed about it.

James turned to Andy and said I dont get it, what stress?

Jacqueline Jossa said she didn’t like how stressful the decision making process seemed to be all the time

Andy said Im just saying. James sarcastically said I dont understand what the stress is, its simple A, stick your hand up in the air or B stick your hand up in the air, majority wins, I dont get it.

Kate said There isnt a problem but maybe its something to have a think about if thats o.k.

James said But Kate, theres nothing to think about.

Later coming out of the dunny, James wouldnt let the issue go and bumped into Andrew. He said It irritates the p*** out of me because its that simple. Explain the question, answer the question A or B, its a circus of stupidity. I cant do it, Im too intelligent and too switched on, just put your hands right up, let someone count them, right the majority win, shut up and lets move on.

Andrew tried to defend the option of talking more about the question and said Yeah but move on to what? Thats my point.

James said The food, the sooner you have the answer, the sooner they turn back up. Andrew said But its just killing time.

James Haskell likes decisions to be made quickly and doesn’t understand why some of his camp mates aren’t the same

Viewers were left furious by James’ attitude, with one writing on Twitter: “#imaceleb oh James shut the f**k up you patronising t**t.”

Another wrote: “Oh, f**k off James. The camp were told to debate who was going to go forward for the trial, so they did. People who didn’t want to put their names forward didn’t. Stop trying to push your fat head where it isn’t wanted.”

A third tweeted: “I actually liked james at first and wanted him to win. But now he’s just being a d**k to everyone for no reason. Caitlyn is camp leader now mate.”