Im A Celeb host Emily Atack slams James Haskell after he insists hes too intelligent for task


I’M A Celebrity spin-off host Emily Attack has launched a withering attack on James Haskell after he was branded a “bully” by viewers.

The 29-year-old Extra Camp presenter said she was “angry” at the star after he angrily declared he was “too intelligent and too switched on” to discuss the answer to the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

Emily Atack said that James Haskell believes his ‘word is gospel’

Former rugby pro James called his co-stars’ discussions “a circus of stupidity” after a showdown with Kate Garraway.

But last night Emily took the 34-year old to task for believing his “word is gospel”.

She said: “He’s one of those people that thinks ‘If you don’t think the same way as me, it’s incorrect.’ And that’s not fair.

“He puts words in people’s mouths, like the fact that people want to showcase their talent – some people aren’t in there to do that.”

James was left fuming after his campmates debated the Dingo Dollar Challenge

He told Andrew Maxwell he was fed up with a ‘festival of stupidity’

Former jungle star Emily added that she was “cross” with the star because he is actually a “good guy”.

Extra Camp’s Adam Thomas added: “There are only two voices in camp at the moment – James and Ian’s – and that needs to change.”

James infuriated viewers for his reaction to his campmates, with one calling him a “bully and a control freak”.

The star kicked off after dithering broke out in camp over the answer to a simple A or B question in last night’s Dingo Dollar Challenge.

James raged: ‘It irritates the p*** out of me because its that simple’

The rudby star came under heavy fire on I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp

He sulked: “It irritates the p*** out of me because its that simple. Explain the question, answer the question A or B.

“Its a circus of stupidity. I cant do it, Im too intelligent and too switched on. Just put your hands right up, let someone count them, right, the majority win, shut up and lets move on.

“Im not going to kill my brain cells doing that. Its like someone is sticking a screwdriver in my eye.”

He added that he was going to “sit back and watch everything umplode”.

James also objected when Cliff Parisi asked to do the task
He said other people might want to ‘showcase’ themselves in an F-word rant

The mangling of the word “implode” didn’t escape viewers – with one mocking: “James talking about how intelligent he is and in the same breath using the ‘word’ umplode.”

James earlier had a minor tantrum over which campmates were going to do the construction task, when Cliff Parisi put himself forward.

He said: “We could draw it out of the hat though. We’ve all figured out Cliff’s doing it.

“But the fairest way – because it’s not actually about f***ing winning dinner it’s about showcasing yourself or whatever – is for us to do that.”