I’m A Celeb runner-up Jordan Banjo accused of ‘affair’ with co-star as he takes off wedding ring


I’M A Celeb runner-up Jordan Banjo has reacted to rumours of an “affair” with his co-star Myleene Klass.

The Diversity dancer – who is happily married with three children – was teased by his pal Perri Kiely about an alleged “fling”.

Jordan Banjo finished in second place on I’m A Celeb South Africa
Myleene Klass triumphed after a gruesome eating task
Jordan wasn’t wearing a wedding ring – but made clear the ‘affair’ was just a joke

But Perri was just having a laugh with his KissFM co-host – who he accused of fancying the show’s first legend winner.

He said he’d had his suspicions after Jordan saved Myleene, 45, from elimination before sharing a long hug and holding hands.

Perri then pointed out Jordan, 30, was no longer wearing his wedding ring.

“He’s just pointed at me with his left hand,” said Perri on his radio show this week.

“I’ve noticed something a bit weird this morning.. He’s not wearing his wedding ring.”

He also went on to play clips of Myleene and Jordan together in the South African jungle.

Jordan blasted: “You and producer Jake are snakes. You’ve edited that.”

He explained: “I went boxing yesterday and had to take my wedding ring off and forgot to put it back on.”

Perri jokingly replied: “Taking all that anger out? A lot going on at home is there?”

“Oh shut up,” laughed Jordan, who didn’t appear to be offended by the grilling.

“There is no rumour. It’s you being stupid,” he insisted.

Thankfully, fans realised Perri was winding up his long-time friend after his stint in the all stars series.

Jordan is in fact happily married to his wife Naomi Courts, who recently gave birth to their third child.

One said: “Chill out people. Friends winding each other up; that’s why it’s funny. Think we all know zero truth to it.”

Another added: “I love it when Perri winds Jord up. Too funny.”

Jordan and Myleene went head-to-head in a gruesome eating trial to determine this series’ winner.

It saw “warrior” Myleene praised by fans as she went all the way – crediting her children for getting her through.

Jordan’s radio co-host Perri Kiely thought the wind up was hilarious
Jordan and Myleene made friends in the jungle

Myleene and Jordan in the I’m A Celebrity trial
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