I’m A Celeb viewers slam Boy George after he confronts ‘bossy boots’ Charlene White


I’M A Celebrity viewers have slammed Boy George who has a bee in his bonnet about his co-star Charlene White.

Earlier the furious singer was almost caught-out blasting her as “controlling” after taking charge in the kitchen.

Boy George confronted Charlene White after talking behind her back
Charlene listened to Boy George’s concerns

Last night Boy George lost his temper and stormed out of camp for some alone time.

As their feud escalated in the jungle tonight, Boy George confronted so-called “bossy boots” Charlene.

But viewers weren’t happy with his behaviour, with one saying: “Boy George is pissing me off…. can’t stand his slyness towards Charlene.”

Another said: “boy george just needs to say all of this to charlene’s face, the behind-her-back bitching is so childish.”

Someone else added: “Boy George keeps talking bad behind Charlene’s back to turn everyone against her and it’s ugly.”

A viewer added: “boy george is SO passive aggressive to charlene it’s making me cringe.”

As Scarlette said she was going to do the dunny cleaning, Boy George said to Charlene: “It might be good to say to people, ‘Right you do this today.’

“Otherwise I’m going to feel like I’m not doing anything. I want to win stars, that’s my main thing, I’m going to do everything I can to get stars. I want to contribute.

“You’re very strong. Listen, you’re such a beautiful contradiction because you’re like tough, and then you’ve got this beautiful side to you.

“But it’s challenging for me. I have to say it’s challenging for me.”

Charlene asked: “Why?”

Boy George replied: “Because I’m such a control freak. It’s my stuff.” 

He added: “Because you are such a matriarch… and you better accept it, don’t even deny it, look at you, ‘What do you mean?’” 

Charlene in the Bush Telegraph said: “We are the democracy of the jungle. There is no like leader, we haven’t told everybody what their roles are, we’ve just not done that, kind of fallen into roles.” 

Boy George in Telegraph said: “Charlene, she’s the boss. I’m happy to do nothing if people want to take charge. People are taking it but I think there’s going to be some rebellions.” 

Boy George added to Charlene: “So Charlene, I don’t mind if you tell me what to do but give me some jobs if you’re going to be the boss.” 

Charlene replied: “I’m not being the boss.”

Boy George said: “You are being the boss baby.”

Viewers weren’t impressed with the exchange.