Im A Celebrity episode two Four things to watch out for


TONIGHT will be the host of the second installment of this year’s I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here!

After an enthralling opening episode fans are eager to see what transpires on the show this evening. Here’s what to look out for.

How will Caitlyn and Kate get on in the first bushtucker trial?

Olympic gold medallist and reality star Caitlyn Jenner and Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway will be taking part in tonight’s highly-anticipated bushtucker trial, the first of the series.

The trial called ‘Bugged Off’, requires two celebrities to be suspended high in the air locked in boxes.

Inside the boxes are balls that need to be thrown into a moving bucket below and each ball the celebs manage to throw into the bucket represents a meal for camp.

But of course, in a bushtucker trial, the celebrities will be accompanied by many insects and critters that will try to put them off.

The two Kate’s are going to need nerves of steel to defeat the creepy-crawlies and have good aim and judgement to drop the stars into the moving bucket on the ground.

How is Jacqueline and Kate’s hair?!

Last night, we saw the celebs who were unsuccessful in the challenges in the first episode sent to Snake Rock, the smaller more basic camp on a diet of rice and beans.

Ian Wright even managed to burn some of the rice, claimed it needed salt and can a better job of preparing the rice than he did last night.

But perhaps the most amusing part of the show came when Jacqueline Jossa and Kate Garaway decided to use underwear to protect their hair from any insects during the night.

Will the former EastEnders and TV presenter’s barnets still be completely in tact after tomorrow’s episode? Or will some critters still have slipped their way through?

Will James Haskell survive?

Former rugby player James Haskell got off to a good start in the jungle by finishing second in the swimming race to and picking Caitlyn Jenner as his partner.

Things went downhill though as he and Caitlyn lost their challenge to Adele and Nadine and were subsequently banished to basic camp of Snake Rock.

Haskell was the most astounded of any of the campmates when he saw the daily portion of rice and beans.

A former rugby player and now an MMA fighter, Haskell is a muscular man and needs to consume many calories to maintain his physique, but seeing his portion of rice and beans, Haskell reckons he will ‘fade away’.

Will he find a way to adjust to his new diet? Or will we see a very grumpy campmate instead?

How long will it be until those in main camp get some more company?

The pairs of Nadine Coyle and Adele Roberts and Myles Stephenson and Roman Kemp won their respective challenges to earn spots in the main camp.

The main camp had proper beds as well as a jungle gym for the celebs looking to stay in shape.

The quartet feasted on kangaroo shank for their dinner and will look to forward to another day in paradise. Well, at least paradise compared to Snake Rock!

But if previous additions of I’m A Celeb is anything to go by, they won’t be alone for long.

Will anyone join them tonight? Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm on ITV 1 to see the next episode of I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here!