Im A Celebrity fans complain that campmates have it too easy this year with loads of food and easy trials


IM A Celebrity fans have been complaining that campmates have it too easy this year because theyve had so much food and easy trials.

This year the celebrities have smashed almost all their trials, meaning they are collecting enough stars for everyone to have a decent meal.

I’m A Celeb fans think the trials have been too easy this year

While some of them have still being complaining of hunger, viewers think theyve had a smoother journey than in the past.

Fans also think that in general the Bushtucker trials have been more manageable than in before, mainly because there are usually two people taking part.

On top of that, those watching at home were surprised to see them get their packages just a week into the series.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: Dear #ImACeleb don’t get all X Factor on us and get s**t please. What’s with all these easy trials and early care packages? Go back to your old games man.

The celebs have been eating well every night
Ian Wright managed to get all the star despite being terrified

Another added: The trials are far too easy this year. They arent starving at all & no drama = dull. #ImACeleb.

While someone else moaned: Gone off Im a Celeb, its losing its shine. Too easy. Care Packages after a week. Celebs being allowed to call partners. Ridiculous. Get it back to what it was or it will go the same way as XFactor #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity2019.

Last night Andrew Maxwell delighted his campmates when he won 10 stars in his first solo trial.

Andrew Maxwell got 10 stars last night
Ant and Dec have been overseeing the trials

Prior to that Jacqueline Jossa and Ian Wright took on a trial together and despite both being terrified they managed to collect all the stars.

The star before all the stars took part in a task together to win their dinner. They have also successfully managed to guess Kiosk Keiths questions almost every time.