I’m A Celebrity hit by race row as Naughty Boy’s eviction leaves all-white camp


I’M A Celebrity has been embroiled in a race row after Naughty Boy’s eviction leaves an all-white camp.

The music producer, 40, became the fourth contestant to be given the boot on Wednesday night.

I’m A Celeb has been embroiled in a race row after Naughty Boy’s eviction
Paralympian Kadeena Cox became the second campmate to be sent home

Furious fans have flocked to social media to share their outrage following the shock result.

While the musician may have been the subject of more feuds than anyone else, viewers admitted that he was the most “entertaining” contestant and should have had a spot in the final.

Naughty Boy’s exit comes after Paralympian Kadeena Cox and DJ Snoochie Shy were eliminated earlier this week.

Sharing their anger over Naughty Boy’s eviction, one wrote: “Are the voters ageist and racist? First the elderly one, now the latest three out are the only three BAME contestants. Coincidence? #ImACeleb”

Another posted: “#ImACeleb So are all the I’m A Celeb viewers racist?”

A third shared: “It’s no coincidence that all the non white celebs have been voted out first. #ImACeleb”

“First ageist, now racist and sexist. Kadeena and Snoochie did NOT deserve to be voted out,” another commented.

Another raged: “Voters being racist yet again on yet another reality show! The few people of colour in the show get voted out first when there are people in there with the personality of a rice noodle. #ImACelebrity”

Meanwhile, fans are convinced that the series will not be the same without Naughty Boy after his shock eviction.

ITV viewers have shared their fury on social media and have suggested that the rest of the show will be lacklustre and “boring” without the music producer.

Naughty Boy – real name Shahid Khan – became a fan favourite after he faced his fears in numerous trials and opened up about his personal life on the outside, including his mum and his career.

‘Real winner’

Viewers were quick to point out that the rest of the campmates are “dull” and “uninteresting”.

One wrote: “It’s going to be boring without any Naughty Boy drama now. #ImACeleb”

Another posted: “Naughty Boy was the only entertaining person in this incredibly boring series. #ImACeleb”

A third said: “Everyone else is dull this series except for Naughty Boy! Time to switch off. #ImACeleb”

“So many uninteresting people left in the castle now, Naughty Boy is clearly the real winner,” another shared.

During his time in camp Naughty Boy had arguments with Frankie Bridge and rows with Kadeena Cox over the cooking.

The star also had bust-ups with Adam Woodyatt over the chores and a confrontation with David Ginola for telling him to do a trial.

Asked about the rows by Ant and Dec after his departure from camp he asked simply: “Was I the instigator?”

He said disagreements weren’t his fault, insisting: “I’ve learnt that when you’re in a situation like in the castle you can’t take anything personally.

“When someone’s frustrated they’re frustrated because of the situation they’re in and just how to get on with people and support each other and not really take anything for granted.”

DJ Snoochie Shy was given the boot on Tuesday