I’m A Celebrity star AJ Pritchard’s brother Curtis hits out at Shane Richie calling him ‘lazy’


I’M A Celebrity star AJ Pritchard’s brother Curtis has lashed out at Shane Richie, calling him “lazy”.

He fumed: “He ain’t pulling his weight around and ain’t doing his chores” after a feud in the famous TV castle.

AJ Pritchard looked very unimpressed with Shane Richie on I’m A Celeb

The former Strictly pro, 26, and EastEnders legend, 56, had a falling-out over the washing up last week.

AJ was seen with a face like thunder when Shane threw his dinner canteen down on the floor.

It came after he was seen looking unimpressed when AJ publicly criticised his washing-up skills – and scrubbed all the containers Shane has already done.

The beef didn’t escape 24-year-old Curtis, who is famous in his own right thanks to a stint on Love Island last year.

AJ’s brother Curtis defended him from the former EastEnders actor

Speaking on the family’s podcast, he asked: “I’ve noticed with Shane and AJ, is there something going on there?”

Mum Debi replied: “You will understand this. Shane is a real character and I would say Shane maybe hasn’t had to be in a position where he’s had to clean up after himself or wash his dishes.”

Curtis then asked pointedly: “So has Shane been lazy then?”

Debi replied: “It’s just when you go into chill out mode and Shane’s in his chill out mode.

“Not quite doing the jobs he should be doing because they had been chosen by the camp ruler to do certain jobs, but one day AJ chose to wash the pots to help because I think Shane was doing a trial.”

‘Shane had cleaned the pots and it was fine, he did a normal cleaning job of the pots. Then AJ did the pots, AJ scrubbed the pots to an inch of their lives, until they were so clean and shiny,’ she added.

‘If you’re going to do a job do it properly,’ Curtis weighed in.

He added: “So I’m going to just say it then, Shane has been lazy basically. ‘He ain’t pulling his weight around and ain’t doing his chores.”

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