I’m A Celebrity star Giovanna Fletcher’s brother Mario Falcone struggles to watch her cry after losing message from home


I’M A Celebrity star Giovanna Fletcher’s brother Mario Falcone struggled to watch her cry after she lost her message from home.

The former Towie star, 32, shared a meme on Instagram showing someone scaling the castle walls.

Giovanna Fletcher with her brother Mario Falcone

The text reads: “Me breaking into the castle to bring Giovanna a teat from home.”

Mario captioned the pic: “Hard to watch tonight @mrsgifletcher”

In yesterday’s episode of I’m A Celeb, Giovanna and the camp were given the chance to win treats from their families.

Everyone got treats from home, apart from AJ, Jordan and Giovanna who couldn’t hide her disappointment.

He said it was hard to watch her cry

Giovanna Fletcher was in tears

The campmates took it in turns to take a key from the bucket to open a box.

A star equalled a meal for camp, if they found a treat they had to nominate who would receive theirs. An empty box meant no win and that key was lost.

Speaking in the Telegraph an emotional Giovanna said: “Your heart aches and then you attach yourself to anything.

“How lovely would it be to hear from Tom and the boys, just a sentence?

She was comforted by pal Victoria

“It’s a sentence and I’m going to pretend each sentence anyone gets is from the kids and I’m going to adopt them like they’re mine.”

Giovanna ended up breaking down in tears after revealing she misses her kids – Buzz, six, Buddy, four, and Max, two – as well as husband and McFly singer Tom Fletcher.

On Saturday’s episode, she said: “I’d say it’s quite a loud musical house. Buzz constantly has a guitar hanging around his neck and all the boys just wander into Tom’s room, pick up drumsticks, get on the drums, pick up the guitars.

She admitted to missing her kids

“Max loves singing and has great rhythm. He’s saying bits. Think how much he’s going to be saying when I get out.”

Giovanna grew tearful as she thought about her children, with Victoria Derbyshire comforting her.