I’m a Celebrity viewers all say the same thing as Danny Miller is handcuffed to David Ginola for another trial


I’M a Celebrity viewers were in hysterics at Danny Miller’s reaction to being handcuffed to David Ginola for another trial.

The soap star – who is best known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale – has been very open about his “man crush” over the footballer, 54, with the rest of his campmates.

I’m A Celeb viewers were in hysterics at Danny Miller’s reaction to being tethered to David Ginola
Danny has been open about his bromance with the footie legend

Since the start of the ITV show Danny made it clear that he is huge fan of the footie legend.

On tonight’s episode, Danny found out that he would be tethered to David in a challenge called the Wishing Well, which gives the celebrities a chance to win some special treats.

When the soap star discovered that he’d been paired with the footie legend, Danny was overwhelmed with excitement and beamed at David.

Danny’s response did not go unnoticed by fans who were

One wrote: “Look how Danny looked at him. 😂 #ImACeleb”

Another posted: “Want someone to look at me the way Danny looks at David. #ImACeleb”

A third shared: “Danny’s reaction when he’s paired with his beloved during a challenge. #ImACeleb”

“I wish my fiance would look at me the way Danny looks at David. #ImACeleb,” one hilariously commented.

“Danny and David are a power couple,” joked another.

One cheekily added: “Who’s going to tell Danny that David probs sees him as a son and not a lover. #ImACeleb”

Yesterday, it was revealed that Danny and David were both the new Lords of the castle, which meant they had to share a bed together.

During last night’s episode, their bromance was taken one step further when David started singing a love song to Danny around the campfire.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to discuss how the actor was gazing at him during the performance, and one even joked he was “in love”.

Yesterday Danny revealed he had been watching David sleeping after sharing a bed.

After their first night together, the soap star couldn’t contain his excitement.

In the Castle Telegraph, he confessed: “I didn’t know it was a dream but it’s become a dream, and a dream has come true for me during this experience.

“It’s David Ginola I get to wake up to, there was a little bit of part of me that I went for a wee in the middle of the night and I got back and I just found myself like ‘wow this is surreal’ and he turned over to this away and I absolutely crap myself.

“I just pretended to be asleep, I thought if he catches me like staring at him like this, he’s going to think he is a weirdo!”

But fans of the ITV show were left a little creeped out by his confession.

One joked: “the next season of You but it’s Danny and David.”

A second said: “Danny calm down you are getting over exited about David.”

Earlier this week Danny said: “This for me is the best thing that could have happened in camp. I’m really trying to play it down out there because I want to be a man of the people.”

He said to the ex Spurs ace in the bedroom: “This is a dream come true for me, David. Me and you in the same bed, I could cry.”

The Frenchman couldn’t help but laugh as he made up his bed.

In the Castle Telegraph, Danny said: “I have 100 per cent solidified my man crush on him…

“Sorry, I was just kind of fantasising there.”